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Vote Early, Vote Often

January 19, 2007

As part of RaBloPoMo, we are instituting a new recurring feature here at Watching the Defectives. Call it, Douchebag of the Month. Or, as we like to say around the house, The Douchies.

Your Douchie Nominees for January:

Dane Cook. Inexplicably famous douchebag has thinner skin than a Scene writer. Celebitchy has details.

State Representative Stacey Campfield. Functionally illiterate douchebag panders to his base long after the election. A tax on porn to replace the tax on groceries. How is that gonna work, exactly? What strict definition will be used to categorize porn? Will the Music Row Roundabout then have to become a toll road?

State Senator Doug Jackson. The alleged child abusing douchebag wants to ban the Girls Gone Wild commercials. Must have seen his daughter in one. Like his fellow douche Campfield’s bright idea, this one won’t pass Constitutional muster, either. Try using the off button. Or can’t you control what your kids watch without resorting to violence, Dougie?

Tracey Moore. Thanks to this Nashville Scene writer, this award was almost named “The Cunties”. Tracey laid the smackdown on a plebe who didn’t know her station. Oh, the irony. Way to go Tracey! You rock! You sure showed her who’s the boss! Awesome! Remember the motto of Buddytown! No douchebags!

Tucker Carlson. The Tracey Moore of cable news. I’ll give TC this much. He had a right to be irritated that video clerk decided to blog about Tucker’s video selections and potential sending of books from Amazon to Tucker’s house. What makes him a douche is going down to the store and threatening the clerk with destruction.

Me. For writing this post.

Despite the overwhelming number of votes for other candidates, this month’s award goes to me for ripping off another blog.  The whole time I’m writing this post I’m thinking, “Man, this sure sounds like something I’ve read somewhere else.  Wish I could remember where.”

In the midst of stealing more material researching a future blog post, I came upon the original inspiration.   No plagiarism intended, I so swear on the grave of George Harrison.