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Compacted Discs.

May 18, 2005

Good thing I got me some health insurance.  Unlike the rest of my neighborhood.  Buncha TennCare leeches.

Monday at the gym I apparently herniated, smashed, popped, crushed,
whatever a disc in my lower back.  I went yesterday to the local
Quack-in-the-Box for a fist full of prescriptions.   So now
I’m a cripple.  I get all the good parking spaces.  I get to
tool around Kroger in the George Costanza scooter.  I get to lay
on my ass all day and have people wait on me hand and foot.  I get
to walk around with a goofy Lord of the Rings looking walking
stick.  The only way I could be luckier is if I had no back injury


TennCare Hijinks

April 13, 2005

Did anyone (and by that I mean the three people who read this blog) catch Channel 4’s coverage
of the TennCare deal last night?  They had reporter James Lewis
doing a live standup outside a trailer in Rutherford County.  Of
course the trailer resident looked like a member of Hillary Swank’s
family in Million Dollar Baby.  The other stations did their live
standups outside of the Capitol building.  Kudos to Channel 4 for
having the guts to put poor white trash on the air to demonstrate just
what this ‘crisis’ is all about.