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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

March 2, 2008

Yet another attempt by my loving wife to put me in an early grave.

That’s far enough!


A Dozen Roses

February 13, 2008

Twelve reasons why I love you, Mrs. Sarcastro. Mind the thorns.

1. The way you crack yourself up when you say something intentionally stupid in order to get my blood pressure up.

2. Your hair. Or, more accurately, how much time you spend fooling the world into thinking you don’t have curly hair. Mostly I love waking up with my face nestled in it after a rare night without the baby sleeping between us.

3. The way you cry at EVERY episode of the Extreme Home Makeover show. Let’s not even get started on how you get hooked on every damn reality show that is forced upon the public. You are eagerly anticipating “Flavor of Love 3”, and that’s all we are going to say about that.

4. You dragged me kicking and screaming into parenthood. I’m glad you did. We got a precious and dangerously cute baby boy out of the deal.

5. The use of the euphemisms “dadgummit” and “oh, foot!” and “I swannee(?)”

6. The amount of patience you have with my tomfoolery.

7. You still look mighty good in them jeans.

8. The way you make our baby laugh. Ok, really I’m jealous of that.
9. That beautiful smile. That picture you have in the car of us, early in the courtship, you are grinning ear to ear. It is one of my favorite pictures of you. If I wreck the car, it will be due to staring at your picture. Thus, any auto accident I am involved in is YOUR fault. My insurance company will be in touch.

10. You could have done a lot better. As luck would have it, you lowered your standards about the time I came along.

11. Despite what for most people would be crippling neuroses and an obsessive-compulsive disorder that rivals Howard Hughes’, you get a herculean amount of things done in a day. Between work and the kids, you get up before dawn and go to bed late, and go non-stop in between. It amazes me how much burden you shoulder, and I admire your strength.

12. You don’t make me want to be a better man. Just by you being in my life, I’m a better man.

Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.