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More Internet Specials!!

November 28, 2006


2 1/2 Bedroom 1 Bath home in West Nashville.  Easy walking distance to Charlotte Park.  W/D hookups.  Fenced-in backyard.  Pets welcome with a sizable pet deposit.  Convenient to the interstate. Special blogger rent–$825 per month.  Ask about our "Mow the Yard" discount!

Drop a comment or email if interested.


A Noble Spirit Embiggens The Smallest Man

June 6, 2006

 You can’t cure poverty by giving people money.–P.J. O’Rourke,  A Parliament of Whores

Here’s an interesting article about Libertarianism and Poverty.  It talks about both the Class Oppression version as well as the Pathology version.  Or as they are better known, "It’s YOUR Fault I’m Poor" and "It’s YOUR OWN Damn Fault You’re Poor."  Fortunately, the author takes the middle way.  Or, unfortunately, if you are looking to vent your spleen.

I find it interesting that in the Class Oppression part, he discusses as a thought experiment, taking the richest 20% of the country, making them leave their wealth, and shipping them off to Aynrandistan as a way to get rid of the oppressor-hoarders who are keeping the poor man down.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to send the bottom 20% off to Freedonia?  Just a thought.



A Gift For You

January 24, 2006

Two of my Guatamalans are getting married.  He is the best guy we have working for us.  He is smart, skilled, quiet and shy.  She is as cute as a box full of Chinese babies.  Her voice, when habla-ing espanol muy rapido is mesmerizing in its sweetness.  They make a very cute couple and will be completely  happy together.  They make puppy-dog eyes at each other at the jobsite everyday.  Ain’t that precious?

If I were a wealthy Powerball millionaire, I would provide them with a bungalow on my large ocean front estate.  Instead of living in Madison and doing dangerous demolition work, they could work on stately Sarcastro Manor doing the things that need to be done to keep a stately manor going.  Their children would have a wonderland to grow up in instead of a crummy apartment complex.  Of course, I would send the children to recieve the finest education possible, so that the following generations would not have to undertake back breaking labor just to afford a few tortillas and frijoles. 

Unfortunately, I’m not a Powerball millionaire.

So, how about a crockpot instead? 

If You’re Going To San Francisco…

October 4, 2005

…be sure to take some dirty hippies with you.

For those of you who think that free government services actually cost nothing, and that you have the right to free healthcare, internet service, a job, or a home, well hop the next train leaving from Aunt B’s backyard and head west.  Share the Kerouac dream of letting the wind blow through your mottled, lice ridden  hair as you ride the boxcar to the land of plenty.

So pack a grip and split for the coast.  They will welcome you with open arms.  We will try to get by without you.


Help Wanted

September 4, 2005

My office manager/bookeeper is resigning.  She got a better paying gig with benefits at a local manufacturing concern.  So I need a new bookeeper/office manager.  Here are the particulars:

*Full Time/Part-time/Flex-Time/Whatever.

*Bookeeping experience required. 

*Experience with Quick Books required. 

*Construction industry experience helpful.

*Duties will include payroll, general ledger, A/P, A/R and all that good stuff.

*Salary negotiable.   

You can fax resumes and cover letters to  615-356-7953.


All Work and No Play

June 30, 2005

Having to work for a living kind of stinks.  No, I’m sorry, not
kind of stinks, but stinks like a bunch of dead fish outside a French
whorehouse at low tide stinks.  Goofing off on the internet all
day evidently isn’t a good way to keep costs down and revenues
high.  I bet if I got a business degree,
they would have covered that.  So instead of ranting and raving
about whatever crosses my ever decreasing attention span, I have to
work out in the field.  A lot.  And it sucks.  Sucks
like a…well, you get the idea.

Currently I am working on two projects here in Nashville.  This one and that one
They both are that new loft living deal.  Take one old building,
gut the interior down to the original wood and brick, renovate for a
version of urban living only seen in sitcoms, add people with a lot of
money and not a lot of self preservation instinct.  What is so
funny to me is that although these living spaces do not appeal to me in
the least, the demand is huge.    People are lined up
around the block to buy up one of these condos.  I’m not knocking
these folks, it just isn’t for me.   I couldn’t care less
what they are going to put in, be it upscale condos or the World’s
Largest Adult Bookstore, as long as the check clears.