About Me

This is the part of the website where you find out I’m a divorced married with kids, white male in his forties. Just like every other asshole with a weblog.


Of course I look nothing like this anymore, and the woman in the picture is the wife of the guy with the camera. The only thing about this photo that bears any semblance to the truth is that I have been known to drink beer.


Now this photo is probably more accurate as it is more recent and reveals the bitter and annoyed while working look that has become quite the rage in small businesses across this great land of ours.


Note the furrowed brow, open check book , Reid Fleming poster extolling the virtues of Tough Milkmen, and my utter disdain and irritation for my business partner monkeying around with his new digital camera.

Now as for the pen name Sarcastro , it comes from The Tick cartoon. I’m not the only guy to use that as his Internet name. More than likely, just the oldest. I’d put a picture of Sarcastro up, but I can’t find any good ones. If you imagine Dennis Miller dressed like Fidel Castro, you got the gist.


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