Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away


Evolve or die. At least that’s what they tell the kids in church. Ok, maybe not at your Church, LLC.  Priorities around here are shifting. Effective immediately, this blog will cease operation due to insufficient spare time and general apathy. And as an unfortunate effect of the shitty economic climate, we’re going to have to let some of you go. Operations will continue at other online social media thingamajigs. There will be no severance package.

Except for this.

So long, suckers.


12 Responses to “Better To Burn Out Than Fade Away”

  1. Nashville Knucklehead Says:


  2. Sarcastro Says:

    I expected you to say, “Copycat!”

  3. GingerSnaps Says:

    I’m devastated.

  4. CeeElCee Says:

    I’d start blogging again, but my Comcast internet has been down for five days.

    Get back to work, slacker.

  5. Exador Says:

    Does this mean you are finally giving up to your soulless, cheesy, I-only-exist-through-my-children, blog?

    Loser. I don’t even KNOW you anymore.

  6. Devil on Your Shoulder Says:

    You’ll be back. They all come back.

  7. Sarcastro Says:

    Ex, that mean so much coming from Mr. “My puppies are my children”.

  8. WonderDawg Says:

    So are you going to do a live Channel 3 cable show “Improv – presented by Comcast” ?

  9. newscoma Says:

    Now dammit!

  10. holidaygrinch Says:

    Please don’t use the word “blog.”

  11. GingerSnaps Says:


  12. Tandice Says:

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