Take The Skin Heads Bowling for Columbine


As discussed in this space last time a half-baked “plot” was foiled by Teh Fedz, we can’t really be surprised. Can we?  Some squirrelly little shit-stains from East Jockstrap gets it into their meth-addled brains to k-i-l-l Barack Obama with some contrived plan that made Harris and Klebold look like Leon the Professional.

What is beyond comprehension is how the assorted bedwetters get all “shaken to the core” or find it to be “bone chilling frightening”. Really? A mass-murder spree so gay it could be a Joel Schumacher Batman movie? That’s what gets you pre-emptively writing the rough draft of your “Where was I when Obama got killed by two Aryan Ubermenschen scrawny dorks in white tuxedoes and tophats” blog post?

Good luck with that.

Some part of me wonders if some of these folks secretly long for a dead Kennedy to call their own. They need to mourn a fallen leader for their generation instead of listening to Grandma talk about the Sixties again.  In a way, I wonder if Obama is being set up to sit in The Wicker Man, because we the people demand blood, circuses and sacrifice.

Fuck it Dude. Let’s go bowling.


3 Responses to “Take The Skin Heads Bowling for Columbine”

  1. newscoma Says:

    You called them shit stains.
    I love that.

  2. Ron Says:

    Any excuse to play Camper Van Beethoven is a good one.

  3. fluffernutter Says:

    I forgot how good The Professional was. Great clip. Thanks for the Friday fun.

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