Weeping Jesus on the Cross


Her vote counts as much as yours. Enjoy your “Democracy”*.

While it lasts.

*Sometimes known as a Republic amongst the Constitutional Cognoscenti. Or, as Ben Franklin put it, “a republic–if you can keep it.”

tfj–Now on PBS.


3 Responses to “Weeping Jesus on the Cross”

  1. brittney Says:

    The biggest problem here is that she’s right, she’s not the only one who feels that way. Her type breeds most of all.

  2. misssharoncobb Says:

    That was truly frightening.

    Miss Brittney, may I bet you that you haven’t run into anyone like her in S.F?
    You’re so lucky you got to escape.

    I’m singing that old Animals song, “We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place.”

  3. Annoying Autobiographical Pause #298 – Newscoma Says:

    […] Nashville that my georgraphical information regarding the ‘burbs is poor. And you need to see the video over at his place. I’ve watched it at least five […]

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