Un-Conventional Warfare


It’s getting ugly over at MSNBC. During last night’s coverage I tuned in and listened as Keith Olbermann asked the most convoluted questions imaginable of NBC anchor Brian Williams, while Chris Matthews mugged for the camera like an albino chimp. I kept waiting for him to fling a turd at the camera.

To be honest, I stopped watching MSNBC a while ago. Listening to NPR half the day gives me my daily recommended allowance thinly veiled propaganda, thank you very much. If I do watch cable news it is usually Headline News. No particular reason. I just like the presentation.

I would go back to MSNBC if they would feature more Joe Scarborough lashing out with petulant sarcasm at the guests on his show.


One Response to “Un-Conventional Warfare”

  1. Exador Says:

    That was great

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