Eighteen Million Crackers on Glass, Tweaking


There are plenty more of these shitheads out there.  I’m not overly fond of either candidate as far as their plans, positions, parties and pandering for the presidency is concerned, but I don’t wish them, you know, death either.

Both major party candidates appear to be decent guys, overall.  Only the truly dimwitted get all worked up when their guy loses.  I look at the type of person who throws post election temper tantrums the same way I look at the people who are still pissed that Bill Buckner let that ball go between his legs. You may know them as pathetic losers. Life goes on, I suggest you get one. The shrill partisans on either side of the political divide seem unwilling to even agree on the minor point that the opposing candidate isn’t evil incarnate with the ruination of our Republic as his ultimate goal. I’d like to say that is a contributing factor towards this kind of thing, but that would be too cheap a shot and too far from the truth.

You can’t really even blame the talking heads and the 24 hour news grinder for this one.  It’s just plain old hate.  Or fear.  Or both.

The true nightmare scenario will come when one of these mouth breathers is successful. Next time, instead of the edgy drifters and meth-addled losers coming up with a “plot” after being awake for three days, someone a little more motivated and clear-headed might take a shot.

When that happens, there will be plenty of hate and fear to go around for everyone.


2 Responses to “Eighteen Million Crackers on Glass, Tweaking”

  1. ladyrohan Says:

    Oh geez, that’s pathetic (the Obama plot, not your post).

  2. Take The Skin Heads Bowling for Columbine « Watching The Defectives Says:

    […] The Skin Heads Bowling for Columbine As discussed in this space last time a half-baked “plot” was foiled by Teh Fedz, we can’t really be surprised. Can we?  Some squirrelly little shit-stains from East […]

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