Pete Townsend Smashes Guitar, Hip


Vh1, formerly a channel that played music videos (ask your parents), had some kind of tribute to The Who broadcast tonight.

Having watched it, as well as all the various docu-promos that MHD Channel (a joint venture of CMT, MTV and VH1, a subsidary of Viacom) could dig up, I can only come to one conclusion: It’s time to hang it up. Please. You are on the razor’s edge of embarrassing yourselves. I’m begging you. Go home and lie down.

It’s not that Roger’s voice is starting to sound like Vito Corleone’s. It’s not that the vibe of the show is less anarchic rock lightning captured in a bottle and more small-market PBS pledge drive. It’s that every fucking concert is starting to sound like CSI: The Medley. Seriously, Pete. Stop taking the money. When Sean Penn got up and made the statement that “The Who never sold out”, he obviously doesn’t get CBS on his tin-foil hat. At the network upfronts this summer, I think they announced CSI: Gatlinburg would be premiering this fall. The opening credits are a montage of Dollywood to the strains of “Squeeze Box”. Sean also doesn’t remember the ’82 tour when The Who were sponsored by Schlitz. Schlitz Rocks America! Not surprising. It happened sometime between Spicoli and Shanghai Surprise.

While we are on the topic, take Peter Fonda with you. That poor bastard must be broke. I saw him on an infomercial, decked out in the Easy Rider jacket, hawking Time-Life Sounds of the Sixties Flower Power. With dead eyes he kept reading off of those cue cards like a pro. Who else has shilled for Time-Life in order to gouge nostalgic baby-boomers to buy music they can hear on the local oldies station or download off the internet?

Oh, that’s right. Roger Daltrey.

Make all the money you want, boys. More power to you. It’s your legacy to do with as you please. The best performers know when to get off the stage and leave the audience wanting more. Just a thought. At least Entwistle and Moon went out like rock stars.

Meanwhile, the soundtrack to my teenage years is marred by this fucking douchebag every week. Thanks, for the memories.


One Response to “Pete Townsend Smashes Guitar, Hip”

  1. CeeElCee Says:

    Sean Penn never had much of an eye for irony.

    Oh, except when he married Madonna because he thought she could act.

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