The Disturbing Facts of Life


In the wake of having The Talk with the boys about all things biologic, the hits just keep on coming.

The other day, Mrs. Sarcastro gave out the warning that she was starting her monthly reign of terror as determined by the lunar cycle.  As always, I am appreciative of such information as it gives us time to stockpile supplies in an interior room of the house such as a bathroom or closet where we can wait out the storm until the danger passes.  They boys were fairly non-plussed.  They only had one question:

“So are you wearing a pad or a tampon?”


One Response to “The Disturbing Facts of Life”

  1. Exador Says:

    My funniest banter that contains both menstruation and the Bible:

    Mrs S: “Uh God! How did they DeAL with this (PMS) back in the old days?”
    Exador: They locked the womenfolk away in shed”
    Mrs S: “F*ck Off!!!!”
    Exador: “No, really. It’s in Leviticus!”
    Mrs S: “F*ck Off!!”
    Exador: “Hey, it wasn’t my idea. You asked”
    Mrs S: “F*ck Off!!!”

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