Call Me Snake


During the latter part of the last century, there were some movies that totally captured the imagination of 10th graders all across this great land of ours. Well, this 10th grader anyway. Movies like Escape from New York and The Road Warrior. They weren’t the kiddie fare of the Star Wars movies. They were gritty and people got killed in realistic, or at least realistic to 10th graders, fashion. It was all we talked about. We watched these movies every time they came on cable. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The trailer for this movie makes me tumescent in anticipation. In fact, if you asked me to go up to the board and do a geometry proof, I would have to take my book with me to cover up my excitement.


2 Responses to “Call Me Snake”

  1. jane Says:

    Sweet crazy Malcolm McDowell. Oh how I love him.

    I so totally want to see this movie and I didn’t even know anything about it until now. I am indebted to you.

  2. Kat Coble Says:

    Fuck Yeah I’m there. For all the reasons you mentioned, of course.

    But also for David O’Hara. Sweet, sweet David “I never liked him. He wasn’t right in the head” O’Hara.

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