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I’m so lazy and uninterested in the tempest in the teapot over here, I’m not going to spend my day off doing anything more than “copy” and “paste”. That, and going to see “Soul Plane 2”, of course.

From 2006:

A few generations from now, the people who knew and remembered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will all be gone. His life, legacy and tragic death will not exist in the memories of those who were there to witness it first hand. He will, as he is now to many Americans, only be seen as some figure from the distant past with no bearing, relevance or emotional impact on the people of tomorrow. Kind of like Dan Quayle. We tend to go from exalting our national heroes to parodying them once their memory is no longer fresh. Think of how many President’s Day sales have some local actor dressed as Washington or Lincoln trying to sell mattresses or waterbeds or used cars for the big holiday weekend sale. We haven’t reached that point with King. Yet. Imagine a film clip of the famed speech at the Lincoln Memorial with King’s rolling baritone proclaiming (thanks to todays digital special effects) “I have a dream! A dream that affordable car stereos, DVD players and televisions will be found at Electronics Express! Get your hoopty tricked out with the latest ear-shattering bass amplifiers only $99.95!” My former partner in filling the empty days of military life and I came up with that years ago. Although his crowning achievement was “Shoot if you must, this old gray head/ But don’t spare the great taste of Cheez Whiz!”

Like ol’ Marty needs me to denigrate his legacy. That’s why he had children. Evidently, the King children were not forced to get jobs once they grew into adulthood and are squandering their inheritance. Just like the British aristocracy used to! The King Center will probably be sold to the park service so that the King children can’t use it as their personal piggy bank anymore.

The other legacy that this holiday brings us is the photo-op showing how much Senator Bloviate and Congresswoman Opportunista care about the struggle for civil rights by showing them mugging for the cameras at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. I used to work with a guy who was an actual member of that church. He hated the King Day celebration. He hated the Hollywood phonies and Washington glad-handers who would descend upon Sweet Auburn like a pack of hyenas bringing their vulture pals from the media with them. These celebrities would then elbow out the actual people who attend that church the other fifty-one times a year. He had nothing but scorn and derision for the whole affair. They wouldn’t let him in his own church, the one that his tithes and contributions support, because of all the “VIPS”. Pity that all the big shots so interested in helping the little man, won’t let the little man in the door. We shall overcome indeed.

In honor of the holiday weekend I watched many black oriented films and television programs. One of which was American Pimp, directed by the Hughes Brothers. Nothing shows how ugly stereotypes are created like showing the actual people who inspire and perpetrate stereotypical behavior. Sure, it wasn’t as good as Pimps Up, Ho’s Down, but what is?

Ok, one thing that is better is The Boondocks. I can’t shut up about how good this show is. The Boondocks episode about Dr. King coming back in the 21st century was a classic. After getting an eyeful of our life thirty eight years after his assassination and seeing what has happened to black culture in the interim, Dr. King says, “Is this what I took all them ass whippings for?”

Amen, Reverend.

And now, a cartoon:


4 Responses to “From The Archives”

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  3. sgazzetti Says:

    No, no, no, and no. Credit where it is due: the “Shoot if you must…” thing was from a SPY magazine article about the whole flag-burning flap, c. 1991. Photographic corroboration here.

    (See also.)

  4. Sarcastro Says:

    History is written by the winners. Copyright be damned!

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