Let It Ride


In 1968, Richard Nixon won the New Hampshire primary after a six week campaign.

Let that sentence roll around in your head for a second. Six weeks. The primary was held on March 12. That means Tricky Dick didn’t get there until late January-early February. That would be simply unimaginable today. Some of these bastards have been campaigning for six months, some for over six years and at least one, concievably, for her whole life.

This is another state that inexplicably controls who gets to be President. I long for the days of a unified Super Tuesday in the South. Why shoot your wad in tiny states without a substantial number of delegates? Why freeze your ass off in Iowa and New Hampshire in the winter? Wouldn’t Georgia, Tennessee, Both Carolinas, Florida and Alabama be better places to spend your media dollars and the bulk of December and January?  This year we have Super Duper Tuesday with 19 states in play(or 24 if you count some party caucuses).  A bold move would be to spend resources in the largest eight:  California, New York, New Jersey, Conneticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia.   See you there February 5th.

Sadly, this year we won’t have the tears of Edmund Muskie to keep us entertained. No, we will have the tears of A.C. Kleinheider as he loses another primary bet to me.

Flush with success* and beer i.o.u.’s from various prognosticators, I have enough hubris, coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream to call the next round.


Win: McCain–Won here last time he ran. Put all of his early primary eggs in this basket.

Place: Romney–All you need to know about New Hampshire is that they have this huge Liquor Bunker right off the interstate. Where a rest stop would normally be. People from Massachusetts drive up to buy cheap booze at a lower tax rate. Essentially it is a big, state-owned “fuck you” to Massachusetts. So is a vote against Romney.

Show: Huckabee–His evangelical shtick appeal may not play as well up here. See state line liquor store above. Look for surprise bounce, but not enough to overtake the other two.


Win: Clinton–Consider a vote for her a big “fuck you” to the rest of this conservative state.

Place: Obama–As seen on TV.

Show: Edwards–Vice-President is starting to sound better and better.

*Yes, I know Fred came in third, in a photo finish with McCain. I blame the season premiere of Law & Order mysteriously debuting the night before. A FULL INVESTIGATION of possible caucus tampering by NBC/Universal is currently underway.


7 Responses to “Let It Ride”

  1. Mr. Mack Says:

    I think, or maybe i just hope that you are wrong about Huckabee.

    I purposely kept from predictions this year, but if i had to pick a winner of it all…I’d say the Pats.

    BTW, I have a jar of Christmas pickles here for ya.

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    I still think those pickles are commercially viable. Get on it!

    We will have to arrange a meat-up.

    Are you hoping Huckabee does better or worse?

  3. Mr. Mack Says:

    Better. I don’t care for his consumption tax proposal, but there is zero chance of him getting that through a Dem congress. I just think he is more real than the cynics portray him to be. Repubs had better listen to what he says, and how he says it.

  4. Sarcastro Says:

    Huckabee was on Imus about a year ago. He came across as very genuine and likable. A nice change of pace from the soulless robots that show up to pimp themselves out as candidates. Of course, at the time, he didn’t have a chance in hell of beating McCain, Rudy, Mitt et. al.

    Funny, now that he has front-runner status, he either is too liberal for not conducting enough executions or too conservative for not paying for any abortions.

  5. Scott Smith Says:

    Saaaa-lute for the Muskie joke. Before election day, try to drop Harold Stassen’s name.

    I’m going to go ahead and declare for 2012 and start campaigning now.

  6. Sarcastro Says:

    I’m saving all my Alf Landon material for the general election.

    It’s blue.

  7. Jim Says:

    Worthless trivia: I went to High School with Harold Stassen’s grandson.

    Work in Pat Paulson and we’ll have something good.

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