I Already Know What You Are Going To Say


There’s only one conceivable reason to watch Women’s Mystery Club, or whatever the hell it is called.

I have the right to remain silent…


3 Responses to “I Already Know What You Are Going To Say”

  1. Les Jones Says:

    Ya know, I like Angie Harmon but in that pic she looks a little too … how to put this? … much like Tom Cruise.

    Or is that why you like it? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    Les, have you ever had a friend who has a really hot sister?

    You played your cards just right and wound up with her in the midst of an intimate situation. As you worked your way towards a crescendo of simultaneous ecstasy, it dawned on you that she looks EXACTLY like your buddy.

    I’m betting you didn’t stop.

    p.s. I’m thinking Tom Cruise tops out somewhere near her collar bone. In elevator shoes.

  3. bridgett Says:

    She could kick all our asses and she looks like she could be Ali McGraw’s daughter, neither of which would make me want to do her, but hey…maybe you had a primal experience at *Love Story* or something.

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