The Old Man and the (Enchantment Under the) Sea


I find my entertainment where I can.  Usually at the expense of others.  Today’s episode comes from a training class full of people much younger than your humble correspondent.  Most of whom graduated high school during the current presidential administration.

Somehow the discussion during a break turned to Senior Prom.

Teenage Goober:  Man, we got a DVD of pictures of our prom.

Early Twenties Goober:  That’s cool.  Hey, Sarcastro!  When was your Senior Prom?

Me:  mumble, mumble eight track tapes mumble, mumble.

Early Twenties Goober:  When was that?

Me: 1984.

Early Twenties Goober:  Damn!  I wasn’t even born until ’85?

Me:  What was your mom’s name?


5 Responses to “The Old Man and the (Enchantment Under the) Sea”

  1. sgazzetti Says:

    Hey McFly! Your blind spot made me spill my beer. Now who’s going to pay my dry-cleaning bill?

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    I have your car towed all the way to your house and all you’ve got for me is “light” beer?

  3. Ginger Says:

    My awakening as to how ancient I appear to these whippersnappers was the day I went back to my old school, and one of my classmates was teaching Senior English to a class of students who were born the year we graduated.

    I’m not sure, Sar, but I think she’s lost that loving feeling…

  4. DirtCrashr Says:

    Ha! They didn’t still have 8-track tapes anymore in ’84 – cassettes yes, Betamax yes, and CD’s had just arrived by ’84… Class of ’76

  5. Sarcastro Says:

    In our neck of the woods, 8-tracks were still available for $.99 at your local Turtles Records as late as ’84.

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