The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked


**Last time I checked, headlines like Skynet Military Launch is Delayed meant the computers were taking over the world. Or, at least it did in the Terminator movies.

**One of the official Mommy Bloggers for the Tennessean is a woman named Emily Hartley? Really? I thought Suzanne Pleshette was too old to have children.

**Norman Mailer died. I may or may not have read Harlot’s Ghost. It is entirely possible that Mailer was just a punch line thanks to my former partner in crime and SPY magazine back in the early nineties. That’s what kind of impact Norman Mailer had on me. Very little. Which is odd, as only in death he strikes me as a kindred spirit. Except for the wife-stabbing and left-wing bullshittery. There are some things that even I cannot countenance.

**My literary taste run more towards Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. Because, of course, it has Batman as the main character.

**I don’t know if it was Sarcastro Jr.’s bout with a little virus he brought home from daycare, or the substandard Chile Colorado from La Terraza, but much like certain fine Australian wines, it has opened up the sluices at both ends.

**Kudos to Ken Burns for his 14 hour documentary The War.  If anything will run the pharmaceutical companies out of business, it will be this slumber inducing yawn-fest.   No one ever need to buy prescription sleep aids ever again.  If you drink a gallon of Nyquil, put on some Cowboy Junkies and start reading the Bible, that’s a pretty good approximation of how sleepy you will get after the first hour.

Time to go throw up some more…


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