Scenes From A Service Call


Calling a customer who lives near Mt. Pisgah Rd.

Me:  Hi, this is Sarcastro with [Local Utility Monopoly].  I have a trouble call that says you are having problems with your [Thing We Provide Service For].

She:  Um, yeah.  The thingy isn’t working right.

Me: You are in a new subdivision, so I want to make sure I know where you live.  Are you off of Mt. PIG-saw Road?

She:  Actually, it’s Mt. PISS-gaw, but yes we are.

Me:  Like that sounds better.


6 Responses to “Scenes From A Service Call”

  1. Lesley Says:

    You know, in West Tennessee–where we know how to talk right–we pronounce that piz-guh. Which sounds slightly better. And we have a nice, slow drawl down in the Delta, so it’s more like “pizzz-guuuh.”

  2. W Says:

    You need to come and fix our . You’d be way more entertaining than the last guy who fixed it. If you work for the that I think you do, I just finished cleaning up the mess made by the last guy they sent. He apparently fixed it though, so we won’t get to have a Sarcastro Service Call.

  3. W Says:

    Hah. Apparently it didn’t like the brackets I put around (Local Utility Monopoly) and (Thing We Provide Service For). It deleted them out of the last comment.

  4. Jane Says:

    We always said “pizzz-guuuh” in western North Carolina too.

  5. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    I have personally experienced a Sarcastro (Local Utility Monopoly) service call. When the subject of crawling under the house came up, he said, “You’re gonna have to call the office about that.”

  6. katie Says:

    I love Mt. Pisgah road! Everytime I drive by it I say it out loud. Pisgah.

    Gosh, I need a hobby. 🙂

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