Things To Do Today


1. Research the number of times the word “cornholing” has been used on public radio.

2. Sweep and mop bathroom floors.

3. Solve the issue of reparations for pre-Civil War slavery by “thinking outside the box”. It is such a genius solution, I may save it for another post.

4. Vacuum carpets.

5. Clean cat litter.

6. Compose profane laden email to the busybody religious nuts Million Moms organization.

7. Walk dog.

8. Finish watching The War.

9. Die of boredom.


5 Responses to “Things To Do Today”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I’m afraid you may hit #9 somewhere in the midst of #2.

  2. Exador Says:

    From the Million Nannies Website:

    They don’t believe it’s good for business to give you control over the language that enters your own home!

    You already have that. ON/OFF button and channel selector. Christ, wasn’t the V chip enough for these morons?

    It has been offered to the leading cable and satellite companies for just pennies per customer.

    Yeah, I’m guessing that means it’s offered, not for pennies per customer that uses it, pennies per customer X all of your customers=lots of money.
    In other words, I get to pay more because some dumb bitch is too lazy to take control over what her brats watch.

  3. Sarcastro Says:

    Rachel, I’m pretty sure that sitting through another mind-numbing hour of Ken Burns laboriously crawling through the minutia of WWII will do the trick.

    Ex, you don’t suppose that this magic technology that will save America’s families from hellfire and damnation isn’t involved financially with Wildmon and his organization, do you?

  4. katie Says:

    I loved The War, especially the old Mobile lady who pronounced it “Waw”. We knew the waw was coming.

    Seriously though, it was great!

  5. Sarcastro Says:

    My gripe with it is the glacial pacing. It just kills me. I go make a sandwich and they are still lingering on the same photo when I get back.

    There is still a good 8 hours of it left on the DVR. If I watch it, I’m just going wind up screaming at the television, “Drop the fucking bomb already”.

    And that tends to wake the baby.

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