La Bomba


Yesterday, the unintentionally funniest thing ever showed up in the mailbox. It was the solicitation from TPAC’s Broadway series.

What stood out from the standard touring company productions of shows that were either movies before they were plays, or plays that were movies and are now plays again, or pandering Hee-Haw level tripe that was never a movie or a Broadway play that no one really wants to see in either format was one line. It was in the blurb for Lerner & Loewe’s Camelot.

Lou Diamond Phillips as King Arthur.

Eat shit, Emilio

Does this mean Lancelot will be played by Melissa Etheridge?


6 Responses to “La Bomba”

  1. Scott Smith Says:

    Skeet Ulrich wasn’t available.

    Years ago, Richard Harris (way past his prime) did Camelot at TPAC. It was so awful I walked out at intermission. I can’t imagine how the start of “Route 666” could be much worse.

  2. Klinde Says:

    I get a discount for TPAC through my company. Even with that I would not pay to see this one….

    I can not come up with anything witty… Your Melissa Etheridge as Lancelot about did me in.

  3. Scott Smith Says:

    Of course that should be “star of Route 666,” not “start.”

    Route 666 just seemed funnier than his other career highlight I thought of, “Bats,” which at least had Dina Meyer to make it somewhat watchable. And if you’re wondering, “Sweet jeezus, what’s wrong with him that he’s seen both of these turds?” the answer is simple: insomnia and late night cable.

  4. Lynnster Says:

    My ex and I used to have a running joke about Lou Diamond Phillips. As in if any movie had Lou Diamond Phillips in it… well, you get it.

    Although La Bamba – nothing wrong with it (tho Esai Morales totally stole the movie as brother Bob, LOL).

  5. peptodismal Says:

    God Save the Queen!

  6. junebug Says:

    LDP is a theatre trained actor. He is Tony Nominated. I can only imagine the charisma he will bring to this production.

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