Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout


There is no shade in Jackson, Tennessee. Nor is it ever cloudy. Ever. At least that’s what I thought last weekend.

We had another damn travel team tournament last weekend. Hell, we have one this weekend, but at least its in the Donelson Sportsplex/Mosquito Research Station. Sitting out in the heat with the bugs is one thing. Driving two hours and spending two nights in a motel for the same privilege is quite another.

Let me say this about Jackson. You have a first-class ballpark. Other than your policy about not being able to bring in outside beverages, I could find nothing to complain about. Kudos to you for not making a big deal out of me bringing in my own beverages, by the way. It was brain-frying hot out there. Paying the criminally high prices for concession stand sodas and water was not an option.

It was so hot, we left the baby and the dog at home to fend for themselves rather than sit and watch a baseball game on the surface of the sun. No telling what adventures they had.

I found a great pizza place in Jackson. Picasso’s Bistro has a decent beer and wine selection with gourmet pizzas. Even the boys, with their philistine tastes enjoyed it. As the Howard Johnson’s we stayed in didn’t have a bar, it was the only place I could get any booze.

This HoJo’s had a pool that was so small, it barely fit the legal definition of a pool. With all the children staying there and swimming, it was more like a piss puddle with a deep end.

After gaining the number one seed in the tourney, we thankfully got beat in the first game on Sunday. This meant getting home early for the Sopranos Anti-Climax.

The only trophy gained was the photos of a kid who looked


incredibly like Eric Cartman.


15 Responses to “Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout”

  1. Klinde Says:

    Hehehe… I am now going to have Cartman in my head all day long… Great, now I won’t accomplish a thing….

  2. DrawingDead Says:

    As a Jackson native, I can attest to the weather situation there. Unfortunately, the recent dry spell around has probably killed the stifling humidity, which I always found charming, giving that Faulkner-esque natural sauna feeling.

    The city has put a lot into the youth sports complex next to Pringles Park, and even though I’m in East Tenn now, I think it’s an example of the city trying to do something nice to continue to improve quality of life in the city. It has been a bit of a boom town over the last decade or so, and I think the city is having money troubles due to it and the Pringles Park/AA baseball clusterf**k.

    BTW, if you’re ever back in Jackson, and are a sushi fan, I’d definitely recommend swinging by Sakura Japanese Restaurant. Excellent, top notch sushi, and unlike most places that serve sushi, is very reasonably priced. If you like a good steak on the cheap, head downtown to the Dixie Castle. It’s a throwback to the 50s, looks like a standard fare greasy spoon diner, but serves an awesome 12 oz ribeye meal with salad, potato, and texas toast for ten bucks. The 8 oz filet for about 12 bucks is great, too.

  3. cherylllr Says:

    What can you tell me about the phrase “Hotter than a Pepper Sprout” please? I’ve never heard of a hot pepper called a pepper sprout – I was assuming Johnny Cash made it up – but the way you use it makes me sense that it is a regional saying more common than I’d’ve guessed….

  4. Noelle Says:

    lol xD
    thats greattt
    that is so cartman its not even funny!!
    haha sorry im hyper and this totally made my day. thanks!

  5. unterbuchse Says:

    What the Hell???? THIS IS NOT ERIC CARTMAN!!! He isn’t a Ginger !!! espacially after watching “Giner-Kids” you all should know that 😉

  6. Sarcastro Says:

    He was doing an homage to the Ginger Kids episode that particular day.

  7. Neil Searle Says:

    I love pepper sprouts! They make me warm and fuzzy inside.

  8. mike Says:

    That kid is a “ginger”

    Cartman hates the souless gingers

  9. dude Says:

    god damn fat little ginger boy…. get a diet

  10. Weeeeeeeeeeell, Kyle's moms a bitch Says:

    Oh……m’god……….I dont know whats worse……to be ginger, or to be that fat……unfortunately for him, he’s got it in stereo. The only thing worse than being ginger AND fat is……..getting shot – in the – DICK. Maybe he’s had that too.

  11. Eric Cartman Says:


  12. Adolf Hitler Says:

    Yea, and I hated dark hair jews, yet I was one too. I think there is a lot of similarities between this Eric Cartman kid and myself. Hope I get to meet him in hell someday between pineapples being shoved up my ass with no lube.

  13. hayley Says:

    omg! dude its exactly the copy of eric cartman hahahaha xD

  14. Cartman Says:

    eeeew, look at that fat disgusting ginger

  15. Kyle Says:

    Hey cartman son of a bitch!

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