These Boobs Were Made For Walkin’


Sometimes it takes more courage to walk away from a fight than it does to stay in it. I think Kenny Rogers taught us all that. Or he taught us to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. I forget which. Maybe both.

Brittney Gilbert gambled on a career as a professional blogger. She cashed in her chips today. More’s the pity. Or she got tired of fighting the Lilliputian dumbasses that are legion on the web. Pick your Kenny Rogers metaphor.

Yes, the Nashville bloggers are a cliquish group. Brittney was their Prom Queen. As much as I didn’t like the high school aspect of this thing, I can’t deny being a part of it. There are the popular kids and there are those who aren’t. Brittney was the arbiter of who was ‘in’ and who was ‘out’.

We competed for her attention. Many, if not all, of the posts on this blog were edited with one thought in mind, “I wonder if Brittney will link to this?” A link from Brittney was a form of validation. If this ugly shit had not gone down today, I planned on throwing some pictures of the baby in order to get a gratuitous link.

Her job was not an enviable one. On the couple of NiT weekend shifts I pulled, my goal was to post as much as she did during the week. Lot’s of luck with that fucking task, my friend. It is to her credit that she didn’t turn in her papers due to burnout earlier.

She and I had some disagreements over trivial matters like politics, philosophy, race, gender, culture and whether to have the veal. But, it never got personal. She also could be a pretty good sport, especially when vulgar and inappropriate comments were made about her rack.

[Photo Not Available]

Now, Brittney isn’t really going anywhere. She will still be at her place. But, she will be missed nonetheless. Nashville is Talking might continue, provided the powers that be at WKRN don’t use this as an opportunity to pull the plug. Whatever the outcome, it will not be the same. Expect NiT to be a shell of its former self, kind of like the increasingly irrelevant Pith in the Wind.

She made a brave choice to start this job. She’s equally brave to walk away.

I got yer Jesus General right here

Private Gilbert is silly and ignorant, but she’s got guts. And guts is enough.


4 Responses to “These Boobs Were Made For Walkin’”

  1. newscoma Says:

    Oh, hell.
    Not Pith In the Wind?

  2. brittneyg Says:

    My favorite comment yesterday was that I had a “big set of balls.” Who would have thought testicles would be such an honor.

    Thanks for this post.

  3. Exador Says:

    I’ll always remember her as Rainbow Brite.

  4. Jay Says:

    Private Gilbert is silly and ignorant, but she’s got guts. And guts is enough.

    That’s the best statement I’ve seen on the entire fiasco.

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