Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…


I hate travel team baseball.

It isn’t that we are having to go out of town THIS week for it.  Although, in the near future much money will be pissed away on petri dish-like motel rooms, over priced fuel and meals at Golden Corral Steakhouses.  That will all be soon enough.

Can we not find teams to lose to around here, without having to drive three fucking hours and stay in the Bates Motel?  Being on a travel team doesn’t mean you are playing more competitive ball.  It means your parents are dumb enough to buy into the whole travel team hogwash.  Plus, write a check.  If you can write a check, your kid can also play travel team ball.

I think the thing that is really pissing me off is that this weekend, we are privileged to shell out fifteen bucks a head for a weekend pass to watch our eldest child (who went 3 for 3 tonight with two doubles) play baseball in what was formerly the Dharma Initiative Mosquito Breeding Research Station, now known as the Donelson Sportsplex.

That’s thirty damn dollars to watch kids play baseball.  It doesn’t cost that much for good seats at a Sounds game.

Does it make me a bad parent to actively root for our team to lose, so I can go home earlier?


6 Responses to “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…”

  1. badbadivy Says:

    Aaron was in travel team basket ball. It fucking sucked. Fortunately, it didn’t last long as he got in major trouble and I had no problems thinking of an appropriate punishment, heh heh.

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  3. sistasmiff Says:

    This is why I’m glad my kids aren’t into sports. Right here. I’d much rather hear the intro to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” 80 jillion times a day than have to do this. I feel for you, man.

  4. sgazzetti Says:


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