Crushed By Falling Irony


As the Imus debacle widens, Don Ho is dead.  Al Sharpton is demanding that all copies of Don Ho’s signature tune, Tiny Bubble Butts* be seized by agents of the RIAA.  The Rutgers girls basketball team is demanding a meeting with Jack Lord, who has been dead for almost a decade.

The Kurt Vonnegut Passing went unremarked by this blog mainly because since Timequake, he’s been dead to me.  It was that or the Bruce Willis version of Breakfast of Champions.  I forget which. 

*Correction:  The actual song is Tiny Bubbles.  WTD regrets any confusion. 


3 Responses to “Crushed By Falling Irony”

  1. Sharon Cobb Says:

    I just sprayed my diet root beer all over my keyboard.That first line is hysterical.In fact, the first paragraph is classic Sarcastro.Thank you!(Though I’m a little surprised about the Vonnegut comment. Someone as twisted as you has got to love Kilgore Trout!)

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    I do, but Ol’ Kurt was phoning it in towards the end. He should have checked out after Galapagos.Just like Joseph Heller should have died before writing Closing Time.

  3. "John Galt" Says:

    Don was called "Ho" long before any of the girls at the SUNJ were even born.

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