My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys


Welcome to the Golden Era of Manufactured Outrage! Add a couple of race warlords and a slow news week, and you have the recipe for a colossal waste of time.

Don Imus said something stupid and has apologized for it. Period. He doesn’t owe you anything. He doesn’t deserve to lose his job. His job, oddly enough, is to make outrageous and humorous comments about the day’s news, sports and pop culture. He takes potshots at a lot of people. Most of them deserve it. The Rutgers women did not.

Although Imus may make racially charged comments on the air, his personal and philanthropic life is a testament to Imus has fallen into the Tarantino/Wigger trap. He is pals with Harold Ford, Jr. Bishop G.E. Patterson and Suge Knight. His affinity for blacks and black culture led him to believe he could say the same things a black man could say. Dave Chapelle can get away with it. Don Imus can’t. Hell, Imus should have called someone a “faggot”. He could have picked up a NAACP Image Award.

As for the good Reverends Sharpton and Jackson, in that Bible that they claim some familiarity with, it says something about cleaning the log out of your own eye before going after the mote in your neighbor’s eye. A Jewish fellow said that, I believe. Maybe he would feel at home in Hymietown? You know Reverend Thurmond Sharpton, maybe he could get work as a diamond merchant.

The worst part of this is that I find myself agreeing with Pat Robertson. Fuck.

When this hopefully blows over in two weeks, maybe CBS Radio will assign Andy Rooney as co-host on the Imus program.

They can call it Imus n’ Andy.


MSNBC has announced they will no longer carry the simulcast of the Imus in the Morning program. Their new slogan should read, “One Less Reason To Watch!” Now that Keith-O has taken a full tilt boogie to the unapologetic left, there aren’t any reasons to watch. Well, maybe Contessa Brewer and Amy Robach. But that’s it, I swear.

This isn’t surprising, really. The marketplace has spoken. With the sponsors bailing out, it isn’t personal, it’s business. Although, if I owned a radio station in Nashville, I would have Imus In The Morning as my morning drive time program. It is an intentionally funny program, unlike Steve Gill, Phil Valentine, The Morning Zoo, et. al.

Exposer of scammery K. Coble, said something recently that I can relate to this Imus brouhaha. In talking about how atheists interact with her and her beliefs, she said,

…they respect me enough to not speak derisively about a part of my life that is precious to me. Or if they do, they know that we all know where the boundaries are and that we put up with it as a joking term of our friendship.

What KC is saying is not to far from the op/ed piece in the LA Times by civil rights attorney, Constance Rice. Condi’s cousin has a fair take on this dust-up.

Although, the best take I’ve read so far is the teaser over at Deus Ex Malcontent.

If there has been a larger, more prominent non-issue to capture the attention of the media and subsequently be force-fed to the American public, I’m completely unaware of it.

There are caveats and subtexts and derivatives and offshoots of this whole row which are certainly worth debating, but the basic arguments that I’m about to make, as far as I’m concerned, are bulletproof; don’t even waste your breath claiming otherwise.

Among those arguments: that this miasma represents the widest gap in the history of modern media saturation between the size and importance of an event — and the size of the reaction that followed it; that the Draconian measures demanded by the professional victims claiming to have been severely injured by a washed up shock-jock’s very stupid joke — the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world — are nothing short of chilling, and represent a dangerous threat to freedom of speech and expression; that the reverent deification of the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team and its “dignified reaction” is both unjustified and just plain bizarre; that the selective demonization of one radio show host while failing to direct that same level of persecution at radio hosts who are not only racist and sexist, but who outright lie, is utterly unfair; and that, likewise, the failure to confront hip-hop artists who make entire careers and truckloads of money out of debasing women and setting civil rights advances back decades by acting like modern day minstrels renders this entire controversy moot.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Clearly, if you have read this far, it is more than apparent I couldn’t.

The worst part for me is…no more Cardinal Egan.


13 Responses to “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys”

  1. Ivy Says:

    I’m offended that you’re not offended. 😛

  2. Ginger Says:

    The worst part of this is that I find myself agreeing with Pat Robertson.oh my god…I need to check the weather reports on Hell. I think it’s pretty cold there right now.

  3. Lesley Says:

    Agreed. He’s been singled out for this because he’s an old white guy. In a perfect world, he’d be singled out as an example and then all of pop culture would change so that women are not referred to as bitches and hos, but that ain’t gonna happen, y’all. This "outrage" is pointless.And I saw footage of a player talking about how Imus’s comments stripped them of their moment of glory. What? If it hadn’t been for the press coverage, none of them (and most of America) would never have known about his comments. He’s just not that popular.

  4. Exador Says:

    I notice that there’s been accusations that his philanthropic ranch is more of a tax shelter. think the most I’ve listened to Imus is from posts on this blog.

  5. Scott Smith Says:

    Imus’s show is targeted at a certain audience and my guess is that 99.99% of that audience didn’t think twice about what he said. The people who are “outraged” are people who’ve clearly never heard his show. It’s like going to a Kurosawa movie and being shocked to find that it’s in Japanese. Or more to the point, it’s like those people who get e-mails from Focus on the Family notifying them when something “offensive” has been on television so they can all complain to the FCC even though precious few of them actually saw it.Based on the continuous loop that’s been running on the news channels, it sounds like the point Imus was making is that these women don’t look like your stereotypical Rutgers students. If someone has proof that he’s wrong on that claim, I’d love to see it. He mentioned their tattoos, yet I noticed in their press conference they were wearing long sleeves with no ink in sight. Guess it gets pretty cold under those TV lights, huh?If you don’t like what Imus (or Howard Stern, or Rush Limbaugh, or Garrison Keillor) says, TURN HIM OFF!!! It never ceases to amaze me when we get calls and e-mails from people bitching about something they heard on the air and I realize that they have enough details to give away the fact that they listened to the whole thing. So in effect, they’re saying, “I was so shocked and offended by that program that I could barely stand to spend a full hour listening to it!” (FYI, more often than not, it’s Fresh Air or This American Life.) And they always seem surprised when we point out to them that there’s a button on their radio that says “power.” That’s YOUR power… use it! The Constitution does not guarantee you freedom from offense, but it DOES guarantee Don Imus the freedom to say “nappy-headed hos” if he wants to. The only relevant question is: should he be allowed to say those words on the public airwaves? Well, ideally, probably not. But who decides what’s ideal? Bill O’Riley, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Foul-well, James Dobson, and a host of others (right-wing and left-wing alike) regularly say things on the public airwaves that offend the hell out of me. And when they do, I remind myself that their freedom to do so guarantees the rest of us the freedom to say whatever is on our minds no matter who gets pissed off about it. Welcome to America, bitch!

  6. sister smith Says:

    When that doctor that did Anna Nicole’s autopsy with the misshapen head dies, Don Imus will be the ugliest man alive.It’s all ridiculous. I can’t stand to look at Imus but this is nuts. Over it. Next.

  7. Sarcastro Says:

    Ex,The WSJ story has been discredited as an attempted smear job. In the wake of it, both Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General of NY and the New Mexico Attorney General investigated the Imus Ranch and found no wrongdoing.Besides, there are better ways to shelter money from the IRS than dealing with children with cancer.Scott, the entire context of Imus’s remarks, as ill conceived as they were, pertained to how the TN players were pretty and the Rutgers players looked like "tough girls".

  8. john h Says:

    bummer..i just read that MSNBC is going to permanently drop the Imus mornings just went to hell.

  9. W Says:

    I had never heard of Imus till I saw him on here. And I think Steven King mentioned in one of his Entertainment Weekly columns. But last night I saw him in the Howard Stern movie "Private Parts" saying nasty things about Howard. Anyone who doesn’t like Howard Stern can’t be all bad.

  10. Gandalf Mantooth Says:

    How can someone who trots out a red herring as an argument claim his arguments are "iron clad?"

  11. Roger Abramson Says:

    And now he’s been fired. Yep, this will do wonders for race relations. And, right on cue, HRC is headed to Rutgers to commiserate. Can anyone say backlash? Because it’s coming.You know what should have happened? One of those Rutgers people, when first asked about it, should have said something like "who cares what an over-the-hill dude whose face looks like a 50-year baseball mitt" thinks about how we look?"I think he would have laughed at that. And I think he would have said he deserved it. And it would have been over.And I’m not even a Don Imus fan.

  12. Roger Abramson Says:

    Hey Gandalf –Strange that we don’t hear you defending Pacman Jones anymore. What happened to all that? I especially enjoyed this line: "I think you need to lose your job, even though you do your job pretty well, and your private conduct that has nothing to do with our lives…"

  13. Holiday Grinch Says:

    Thanks, that’s all, just thanks. And you could too have written that.

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