In Short


Things I would blog about if I had either the time or the inclination:


John McCain.  You had me, then you lost me.

Barack Obama.   If enough white people vote for you, does that count as reparations?  I haven’t heard what the man’s stand on the issues are.  Does he even have any yet?  People seem to be attracted to his empty, Oprah-esque platitudes.  How much of that is for guilty white folks  to be able to proclaim their racial sensitivity during any given situation.   Look for "I can’t be racist.  I voted for Obama." bumper stickers coming soon.

Film and Television: 

Reign O’er Me.  I think I saw this when it was called The Fisher King


Can AT&T and the Teamsters TV4us please explain how charging more for cable and being able to avoid the franchise setup with Metro is healthy competition?  Judging by your misleading and unsubstantiated ads, you’ve already lost the argument.  Just ask Common Cause.

The Sub-Prime mortgage market is collapsing.  Anyone who has been in the mortgage racket for more than fifteen minutes had to see this one coming.  Remember the S&L "crisis"?  This is worse.  While job hunting, I refused to apply for any of the mortgage gigs, despite the lure of big money.  When it blows up, I don’t want any blood on my shoes.  One guy I worked for way back when, was looking at nine years in the Crowbar Motel.  No thanks. 

Faith and Ethics:

I got nothing.  Except for Richard Dawkins on Fresh Air


Andy Sidaris.  The Spielberg of Skinemax.  The House of Exador is in mourning. 

Health and Fitness:

The Lee Adama fitness plan in Men’s Health.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.  Have the makeup chick peel off the extra thirty pounds of latex affixed to my belly.  Genius!  What?  Why does this take six weeks?

Dream Life:   

Last night I dreamed that I made fun of Aunt B’s new haircut.  The police were called in. 


Sweet Zombie Jesus.  Happy Easter. 




9 Responses to “In Short”

  1. sgazzetti Says:

    This reminds me how much I miss the non-parental, zombie-referencing, blogging version of Sarcastro. I just hope this baby jape was worth it.

  2. Ginger Says:

    Good to see ya, Sar…fyi, B’s hair looks mah-va-lousIs it still Comcastic?

  3. Kate O' Says:

    Dude, I had not made the "Reign"/"Fisher King" connection. Good call.

  4. Scott Smith Says:

    Right there with you on John McCain. Back in ’99 when he was plugging his autobiography he came by the station for an interview. Alone. Take a moment and let that sink in: a man running for President showing up for a one-hour interview without handlers, aides, or consultants. For me, that confirmed much of what I already suspected about him. After his interview, he had a little time to kill before his next appearance, so we sat in the studio and just shot the shit for about 20 minutes. Mostly we talked about out mutual admiration for the writing of Ernest Hemingway, but there was some political talk as well.On that day I told McCain that even though he and I disagreed on many (hell, most) issues, I wasn’t necessarily looking for a candidate who mirrored my viewpoints. I was looking for a candidate who displayed the characteristics I wanted to see in a President and I believed I saw more of them in him than in anyone else running.What a difference seven years makes.

  5. Sarcastro Says:

    Exactly, Scott. That story sums up my gut feeling as well.When he ran as an outsider and "maverick", McCain embodied what most Americans are really looking for in their next presidential candidate. Someone who they may or may not necessarily agree with, but who isn’t cut from the same cloth as the slick, packaged and focus-group-groomed hoo-ers that are more interested in fund-raising than they are having any independent thought or courage of their convictions.The problem with politics is that it is contaminated with damn politicians.

  6. Scott Smith Says:

    ‘Course I’m not exactly in a position to knock someone for being a fund-raising hoo-er.

  7. Sarcastro Says:

    At least hoo-ers are honest about what they do.

  8. Exador Says:

    We’ll be showing the "Bare Wench Project" Trilogy in honor of his passing.

  9. Aunt B. Says:

    Shoot, I thought you’d given up blogging for good with this whole baby thing and turns out I miss you announcing to the world that you dream about me.That’s what I get for not checking in more often.

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