Cheap Shots


**What this country needs is the kind of president who would put his family before his all-consuming ambition. John Edwards is not that man. He’s the kind of man who would use his dead son as an emotional prop to win $25 million from a pool drain manufacturer. Using his dying wife to run for office is not beneath him.

**Dear Fired US Attorneys, you took a POLITICAL appointment. You can’t cry foul because you were fired for POLITICAL reasons. You knew the name of the game when you suited up. It’s called POLITICS.

**I know several people who have had business dealings with the Sounds. They have very definite views on the trustworthiness of the Glenn Yaeger. To quote Johnny Caspar, ” ’cause ethically, he’s kind of shaky.”

**Is Al Gore trying to sound like Jor-El? Look for him to start using his carbon offsets to build a rocket ship to escape our doomed world. In an ironic twist, the neighbor’s rocket will be far more energy efficient. With any luck, Al will wind up on the Planet of the ManBearPigs.


20 Responses to “Cheap Shots”

  1. Roger Abramson Says:

    Not necessarily with you on the first one, though it’s better stated than some others I’ve seen.But regarding Glenn Yeager…yeah, there’s something off there. I interviewed him one time for the Scene, and, well, he just gave off this very pushy vibe.

  2. Exador Says:

    Sweet Jesus, have you read the story of that little girl and the pool drain?She lost 80% of her small intestine and 50-70% of her large intestine out through her anus.{{{shiver}}}Edwards is still a scumbag.

  3. Ginger Says:

    Edwards is still a scumbag.


  4. Mister Nashville Says:

    I feel the same way about Edwards. I didn’t care for him very much to start with, but I would have had a great deal more respect for him if he had pulled out of the race to spend time with his wife.

  5. Maynard Says:

    I don’t know what’s worse. This being pledge week on NPR or the "All Fired US Attorneys, All The Time" coverage the rest of the time.

  6. Mack Says:

    Fuck me, Roger. I understand that you are polite to a fault, and generally opposed to shrillness from any side, but, "not necessarily with you?"Fuckin A, Sarcastro, this guy lost a son, and will most probably lose his wife long before he should. Even if you don’t agree with his positions, why would you attack him for being "ambitious"? Every politicain on the planet is ambitious. Every person close to the family says that his wife probably insisted he continue his run. What has he ever done that you feel you somehow know better? Other than the fact that he won a large award from a company, what has you so down on him? This seems almost personal. Never pegged you for this kind of bile, partner.

  7. Sarcastro Says:

    Mack,He used his dead son as a prop to gain sympathy with a jury. Does it get any lower than that? Please tell me how emotionally manipulating a jury in a pool drain case by digging up the still-warm corpse of your boy can be considered to be the work of someone with an ounce of shame.It is a terrible thing that Mrs. Edwards has cancer. She will die before her time. How does that make John Edwards a good choice for President? Laura Ingraham had breast cancer, does that make her former fiance Dinesh D’Souza somehow qualified for the Oval Office?Forget for a moment that you are totally in the tank for the Edwards campaign a realize that anyone cynical enough to exploit the death of his child in order to win a civil suit will undoubtedly exploit his wife’s cancer for the same reason.Exador,Read Guts by Chuck Palahniuk.

  8. Roger Abramson Says:

    Mack –I guess I’ve seen so much worse on this subject over the last couple of days that this struck me as relatively minor. Also, at least Sar provided a rationale for his position along with the position itself.Anyway, I was really more interested in talking about Glenn Yeager, but since I was already on record elsewhere as to my feelings about the Edwards bit, I felt like I had to say something about that before moving on to what I really wanted to talk about.

  9. Sarcastro Says:

    Yaeger isn’t one of Mack’s household gods, therefore not worth defending.For those of you scoring at home, the career of John Edwards is based on one thing, Appeal to Emotion. Apparently his ode to Envy and Class Warfare, the detestable Two Americas scam, has run its course. Sorry your wife has cancer Johnny, but it is as irrelevant to the campaign as your father working in a textile mill. Just another naked grab at the sympathy vote by a man who manipulated juries for a living using that same manufactured sympathy.

  10. Mack Says:

    Sarcastro, where on Earth did you get the idea that I am in the "Edwards tank"? (Whatever that means) I am far from deciding which candidate I will work for next election. In fact, I’m hardly paying attention to whatever the pundits are saying, because they are filling airtime, and it means nothing this far out.I get that you have perfected this whole "schtick" of being cranky and controversial, and well, sarcastic, and most of the time, it’s funny and I’m a fan. I just thought that this was unnecessary, and went beyond the pale. You are one of the smartest guys I know, but I felt this was beneath you, and said so. Lastly, I’ll just say that Edwards, like him or not, has accomplished far more than you and I will ever accomplish. He is willing to stick his neck out, (every candidate is) rather than sit on the sidelines and take cheap shots. He’s already rich, and could do this for the rest of his life. Sometimes I just wish you save some of the poison for wayward celebs…

  11. Sarcastro Says:

    Sorry. I didn’t realize that Mr. Edwards was so delicate insofar as being unable to withstand cheap shots from the underemployed. Sorry your objections don’t address the criticism, but merely attempt to deflect it.Without the schtick, all I have left is baby pictures and obscure celebrity obituaries. You come here for the schtick. You NEED the schtick!I take cheap shots at targets who either deserve it or are big enough to handle it.Edwards is both.

  12. Ginger Says:

    Sorry your wife has cancer Johnny, but it is as irrelevant to the campaign as your father working in a textile mill. Just another naked grab at the sympathy vote by a man who manipulated juries for a living using that same manufactured sympathy.

    Damn. I skip this blog for a day and look at what I’ve missed! Sarcastro, I think you are awesome, I really do, but you are being really cold hearted here. Truly…do you really think a dying woman is going to stand by and let her husband use her fatal disease as a ploy to garner sympathy votes? They are at the point where you stop playing games. She is dying! She won’t be around to watch her kids grow up. Hell, she may not be around to see her husband even sworn into office if he were to win!I give them a little more credit than that…they are real people after all.

  13. Roger Abramson Says:

    Glenn Yeager is a total chicken crap!OK…OK. I’m not there yet, but in the right hands it could work.

  14. Serr8d Says:

    Yeah, I gave the Breck Girl a break for a while, and posted as such. This cancer thing is so….indiscriminatory. He should have pulled out, to remain in good form.

  15. Sarcastro Says:

    Were it not his usual form to milk family tragedies for votes I could cut him some slack. This is par for the course.Sadly, John Edwards isn’t unique. We need the kind of candidates who say, "Screw this freak show. I have enough money and I would rather spend time with my family." We don’t have men and women in public life like that anymore. The process winnows them out when the stakes get that high. Mores the pity. If Edwards had bowed out, even temporarily, he might not have gotten my vote, but he would have my respect.

  16. sista smiff Says:

    Ginger, that’s PRECISELY what they’re doing. Look at the PR her illness has gotten them already. I think she knows she doesn’t have much time left so she figures she’ll probably be gone by the time the election really heats up. Look how thin she’s gotten. I’m not trying to be ugly either cause if anybody is sensitive to cancer, it’s me having lost my dad to it and his sister died young of breast cancer. Hilary would do the same thing if Bill was dying. I’m glad Sarcastro said it first cause I wouldn’t have been brave enough. Course, I can’t stand the sight of him. She’s the best thing he’s got going for him, really, in terms of making him likeable. She’s very likeable but he makes my skin crawl.

  17. Exador Says:

    It would be one thing if he had a prayer at winning, but it seems obvious that Hillary or Obama are going to be the nominee, so why would he do it when he doesn’t have a chance anyway?

  18. Sarcastro Says:

    Look for his poll numbers to make huge headway in the next week. You can’t buy the kind of exposure that the 60 Minutes puff piece provided.

  19. Ginger Says:

    Sista, I hope you’re wrong…I truly try to see the good intentions in people, so I’m hoping he is not using this as a ploy. If so, that would be the ultimate in slime.

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