Let’s Get Ready To Rumble


We are ready.

The bag is packed.  Plans are in motion.  Relatives have arrived.

Quasi-dangerous car seats have been installed.  Potentially poisonous  baby bottles are ready for milk.  Highly flammable pajamas with trademarked cartoon characters are washed and folded.

Let’s light this candle.   Poor choice of words.



18 Responses to “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble”

  1. SistaSmiff Says:

    I take it that you aren’t allowed to liveblog the C-section? Have you ever witnessed major abdominal surgery? Have you ever seen a live uterus in front of your eyes? Do take note of these things and give us your impressions later.I do kinda hate that this isn’t a vaginal birth that will require labor and pushing because I’d love to hear what Mrs. S would be overheard screaming at you. You know, obscenities and such.

  2. Aunt B. Says:

    Hurray! I hope he has your dimples. Get good pics and post them soon!

  3. Exador Says:

    DO NOT READ BELOW! GROSS STUFF!My coworker was present during his wife’s C-section. He said he was fine until he looked up and "Saw the doctor had his arms in her stomach past his elbows."Then he passed out.

  4. Kathy T. Says:

    I’m giddy with excitement! Giddy I tell you.

  5. sgazzetti Says:

    Crikey, is it that time already? I wish you both nothing but the best in this, and if you DO pass out I hope you’ll be man enough to lie about it.

  6. Ginger Says:

    Yipee!! Here’s wishing for a perfect surgery & recovery, and healthy mom & baby! Can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

  7. Katherine Coble Says:

    Well, if the baby’s dad can quote The Right Stuff at a moment’s notice, something tells me the kid’ll do fine.Good luck to all of you. I’ll be casting thoughts into the Bronze Age Mythology Tree on your behalf.

  8. Jon Says:

    My 13 year old was busted sneaking out of the house for the first time last weekend.Good freakin’ luck.

  9. malia Says:

    Oh, Mrs. Sarcastro will have plenty to yell at Sar about once the epidural wears off! Yowzers those c-sections do hurt when it’s all over and done with!!My husband’s seen my uterus, twice. I think it’s actually a pretty cool thing that he’s seen a part of me that I never have. Believe me, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to show someone up just by saying, "Oh yeah, well I’ve seen my wife’s uterus, so there!"

  10. Lynnster Says:

    Ahhhh… congratulations, Dad! How exciting. 🙂

  11. Roger Abramson Says:

    Is there anything more precious than a baby moonbat?I don’t think so.

  12. Busy Mom Says:

    A baby! A baby!

  13. Short and Fat Says:

    I wish the smoothest least complicated delivery in the world for Mrs. Sarcastro. I’ll even wish for the classic 70’s sitcom moment when the Doc discovers there are actually twins that didn’t show up on the ultrasound.However the fact that my kid can bathe and wipe her own butt makes be throw a big, Nelson, "HA-ha" in your direction.

  14. Jay Says:

    Do take note of these things and give us your impressions later.Or not. That’d be ok too. Really.

  15. Sharon Cobb Says:

    Best wishes to you and Mrs. S.

  16. Lindsay Says:

    Congrats on your new baby! How exciting!

  17. Rachel Says:

    Pictures! We want pictures!

  18. newscoma Says:

    Congratulations Sarcastro.

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