Freak Show


Last night I watched a program on TLC called My Unique Family. People with families that are considered outside the norm are featured. Upcoming episodes will feature Wiccans and a husband and wife who have kept their family together despite his sex-change operation.


Last night’s episode focused on Bree Walker and her family. For years, Bree was the archetype of the beautiful, blonde local news anchor. She also has a condition called Ectrodactyly, also known as lobster-claw syndrome. Sadly, after watching an hour of this, it became pretty clear that the deformed hands and feet were the least freakish thing about her.

Both her son and daughter have the same condition. They are good looking kids. The son, fifteen, is having a hard time dealing with it along with the usual problems of being fifteen. The daughter, who is college age, comes across as very confident and strong. Like her mother, you soon forget she has anything “wrong” with her.

What is wrong with Bree is the obscene amount of plastic surgery she has undergone. This was a stunningly beautiful woman. Whichever quack blew her lips up to innertube size should have his license revoked. That face lift isn’t helping matters either. I wound up not even caring about her ectrodactyly and could only focus on the grotesque mockery her face has become.

The whole episode made me reflect uncharacteristically on the whole concept of women and their body image issues. It seems almost cliche, but women of a certain age get a little weird about their aging appearance in the LA/Orange County/San Diego Corridor. Collagen injections, Botoxed faces and big fake titties are not an unusual sight from the desert to the sea, in all of Southern California. What I think is unusual is how someone who has faced their “deformity” head-on and excelled in a field that demands physical perfection, would feel it necessary to go under the knife in order to look younger.


Rather than look younger, she looks like a freak. And there’s the pity.

Postscript: This isn’t one of those deals where I pick a celebrity and cruelly mock them and their stupidity. After watching that show, it seems like Bree Walker has fallen for the same scam most women her age in SoCal have fallen for. It’s a shame. In researching this, I came across an news article that Bree Walker has recently entered rehab for alcohol abuse. I hope she finds the help she needs.


13 Responses to “Freak Show”

  1. Lynnster Says:

    I recall her name but I wasn’t really familiar with any of her professional work.I can’t believe that’s the same woman.The women who wind up with those extreme plastic surgery results almost always look like transvestites to me. Actually most transvestites look way better than they do. It’s sad, sad, sad. I’d rather have fifty million wrinkles and other such than look like that.

  2. Lily Says:

    wow, I just saw this woman on some show (20/20, Nova, Primetime, Dateline?) — the topic at the time was whether people with "deformities/birth defects" should be able to have children (WTF?)And as she was speaking, and they showed photos of her in the past — I thought "wow, she looks like a drag queen.I didn’t get as deep into the "wow, why would someone already marked with something to make them stand out do even more freakish things to oneself?" — oops.Her kids seemed more "normal" than most teens their ages.

  3. Sharon Cobb Says:

    I agree her plastic surgery makes her look freakish, but as far as the body image thing, remember she is in broadcasting and the unkind truth is older women or chubby women (except Candy Crowley) don’t get on air work. Ask any television news director or GM if a woman must be attractive and relatively thin to be on air talent.The truth is, our society has the body image problem.

  4. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    "I hope she finds the help she needs."Uh . . . where’s Sarcastro? Who are you?

  5. SistaSmiff Says:

    That’s how Dolly looks close up. It’s rather frightening.

  6. peptodismal Says:

    In the proper lighting, Dolly looks like the Joker. I don’t care if it rains or freezes, long as I got my plastic rictus, frozen on the gumline of my faaace.

  7. Kathy T. Says:

    I was invited to a "botox party" last month and nearly died laughing. You know.. where the women with self-image issues sit around drinking wine, chatting while they take turns going into another room for their botox shots. I couldn’t believe it.

  8. newscoma Says:

    It is sad about women and men who delve into the world of plastic surgery for self-esteem.Weirdness.I’m sorta with NK here, did Sarcastro leave the building?I actually dug your insight on this post. It was very retrospective. But now that Brittney Spears is bald, you can go back to your wickedly delicious ways.Did aliens abduct you?Hee.

  9. Sarcastro Says:

    She hasn’t done anything worth mocking her about. Other than the awful plastic surgery. She comes across as a generally nice person. She’s done a lot of work for the disabled and took a lot of shit for deciding to have children that had a 50% chance of the same deformity.Not a person that deserves the Sarcastro treatment.

  10. Bill Nobillo Says:

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  11. Keli Agle Says:

    I don’t get it

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