I Have A Few Questions For You


Was anyone really shocked at the news of Anna Nicole Smith’s death?  Damn, I had early March in the dead pool.  Be honest.  How many of you said, "Wow, didn’t see that one coming"?  More importantly, how long before Elton John rerecords "Candle In The Wind"?  At least the terror-alert can now go back to green.

Is there any further doubt that John Edwards is a gold plated phony?  Yep, he sure is Presidential timber.  Which of the Two Americastm do you suppose he lives in?

Why don’t you have a subscription to Reason magazine?  The best thing about having kids who are forced into these odious school magazine sales, is that I get to have subversive libertarian periodicals delivered to my door.  This months issue contains gems like:

In his 1960 book The Constitution of Liberty, F.A. Hayek wrote that his real quarrel with conservatives was not their opposition to drastic change in institutions but their readiness to use government force to curb such change. To Hayek, moral and cultural standards were the product of spontaneous order emerging from the interplay of economic and social forces, from evolution and experimentation unguided by any central authority. Yet noncoercive criticism of what some of us deem to be negative social and cultural trends is itself a vital part of that evolution. It’s one thing to demand a federal virtue police; it’s another to write and market a book about virtue and hope that its lessons will catch on.

As long as the Bill Bennetts of the world are intent on using not just persuasion but force (and public funds) on behalf of their favorite virtues-promoting premarital abstinence through federal programs, banning legal protections for same-sex unions, censoring sexually explicit materials, waging the war on drugs-libertarians can be forgiven for fearing even noncoercive moralizing on their part. But it’s important to remember that cultural progressives have not hesitated to use the government on their side: to promote liberal attitudes toward sexuality and sex roles through public education, say, or to compel landlords to rent to unmarried cohabiting couples even if they have religious objections to such a lifestyle. The backlash from the social right is directed at such social engineering as well as spontaneous cultural change.

There are also excellent articles about how Castro had a useful idiot at the New York Times and an investigation of the body parts  trade.   I particularly liked the piece about how government’s protection from harmful products like asbestos, cigarettes,guns etc. tend to cause more harm than good.  Like when cities resale dangerous guns that are either police surplus or were seized in order to make a buck at the same time they were filing lawsuits against gun manufacturers.  Guns are so dangerous that the city of New Orleans saw fit to put 7300 of them on the open market without any of the safety features they were suing the gunmakers to install.  Priceless.

How come the Scene didn’t have a blogger on their reeks-of-New Times-influence Lust List?  When all else fails, rip off Creative Loafing.  I’ll be the first to admit that as a whole, Nashville’s bloggers are a motley looking bunch.  But, there are a few exceptions to the Cheetoh-fingered fatties who seem to populate the imaginations of the Committee of Insiders.

What the hell is going on over at NASA?  How did that place go from attracting the guys with The Right Stuff to being the nation’s repository of whackjobs and fruitcakes?  This latest bit with the diaper-wearing Astronut is only the tip of the iceberg.   Any place that employs Rusty Yates, John Jameson, Roger Healy, Garrett Breedlove and Maurice Minnifield is a whacko magnet.

What’s the big deal with the gay ex-NBA player?  You know, the guy you never heard of until he came out with a book to pimp about being a gay ex-NBA player that you’ve never heard of.  Thing is, he’s British.  So saying he’s gay is like saying that the ball is round.  It’s just redundant.   His first day in the NBA, the other players knew he was gay the minute he started talking like Rupert Everett.

Is there anything sadder in a bookstore than the remaindered section?  All those books that someone thought would sell.  They didn’t.  There’s a great scrapbook/biography of John Belushi for six bucks at the Border’s on West End.  Sadder still, was the pair of losers taking a break from camping out in line for the next Hobbit or Star Wars movie to read aloud passages from the remaindered copies of Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way.  Even sadder, I waited in line to get Bruce to sign the copy I paid full price for.

Why aren’t you watching the Pebble Beach golf tournament right now?

How long has it been since you’ve had some tasty Mothership BBQ?  You know what would be delicious right now?  A pulled pork plate with crackaroni and cheese.  Make the drive to Berry Hill for lunch today.  You won’t be disappointed. 


13 Responses to “I Have A Few Questions For You”

  1. Exador Says:

    HA!I still beat you in pointing out that the Anna Nicole/Marilyn Monroe/died-too-young analogies are on their way.Victory is MINE!

  2. Kate O' Says:

    I think the problem with the bloggers as objects of lust is: how do you choose?

  3. G Says:

    Roger Healy…LOLKate O’, yes, the list is long and distinguished…

  4. G- inger Says:

    I’m so cool I don’t need to type the rest of my name…"G" will do…

  5. Aunt B. Says:

    Probably the Scene has never contemplated how hot you’d look wearing nothing but a kilt and your big ole scary gun.

  6. Tiffany Says:

    Maurice Minnifield. Ha!

  7. Bill Fisher Says:

    I’ve read a couple of issues of Reason and enjoyed it.Why, oh, why did you have to remind me I’m missing Pebble Beach? Must work! Curses!

  8. SistaSmiff Says:

    Anna Nicole….no, not surprised in the least. I can’t stand the sight of John Edwards. I think he reeks of smarm.I’m still mad that Rusty Yates is not in prison. That sorry sunufabitch is as much to blame for those kids dying in the bathtub, if not more so, than Andrea.I do love Roger Healey though. And Howard Borden.Tomorrow is lunch at the Mothership.

  9. Chris Wage Says:

    Reason is one of my favorite magazines, and one of the few that I’ve never regretted subscribing to..

  10. Scott Smith Says:

    Regarding this month’s Reason magazine: am I the only one who looked at that picture and said aloud, "Damn! Where can I get a Milton Friedman bust like that?"

  11. Scott Smith Says:

    And before anyone else can say it, no I don’t mean Milton’s man-boobs. It’s the other kind of bust. Okay, the other other kind of bust.

  12. Jay Says:

    the list is long and distinguished…..just like my *******Somebody had to finish the line.

  13. newscoma Says:

    Ummm…Mothership tomorrow.Not a dude shower, but what the hell.It’s a birthday.

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