Things overheard while watching the Super Bowl:

Before kick-off: 

"Look at Marino.  You know he is hoping for Manning to lose.

"Goddammit, I hate Peyton Manning." 

First Quarter:

"Hey, that Doritos ad looks like it was filmed over at Fountain Square!"

"It was.  They had a budget of about seven dollars."

"Looks like they used every bit of it." 

"Good job on this ad.  I’ll never eat Snickers again."  

Second Quarter:

"Letterman has the best ad, so far.

"Was that Tom Arnold?"

"They used most of the budget to find black guys who can swim." 

"Figured they would have just used digital effects." 

"For what they had to spend in CGI, they couldn’t afford Tom Hanks." 


"A five foot two guy with six inch platform heels and an electric guitar dancing around on a slick stage in the middle of a monsoon.  What could go wrong?" 

"They just mentioned that two of the refs are brothers."

"Funny, they’ve been saying that about the head coaches all week."

Third Quarter:

"I heard Tony Dungy might retire after this." 

"Why?  To spend more time with his kids?" 

"Look at Peyton pout.  What a whiny titty-babyHis team is winning and he still acts like a little girl." 

"You have to wonder if they had a meeting about whether or not to use a white girl."

"That’s why Kobe isn’t in the ad.  For all we know, that’s how it happened." 

"For all we know, it’s the same girl." 

Fourth Quarter:
"Rex Grossman looks kinda like that kidnapped boy in MissouriHe’s got that same 1000 yard stare now."

"What an idiot.  Why isn’t he throwing towards the sidelines? Stop the clock!"

"The spread was six."

"There hasn’t been a Jew who could throw since Sandy Koufax."

"Goddammit,  I hate Peyton Manning." 



6 Responses to “Curses”

  1. LLA Says:

    You were totally watching from Mothership, weren’t you??? 🙂

  2. Jagosaurus Says:

    Goddammit, I love Peyton Manning. And yes, I know that is going to get me banned from commenting here ever again.

  3. Mack Says:

    Sorry, I’m with brittney about this two coaches thing…

  4. Holiday Grinch Says:

    You were there too?

  5. john h Says:

    I dunno..Lieberman throws some pretty mean BS re Iraq…

  6. saraclark Says:

    Stop taping the conversations at my house and posting the transcripts. That’s just way too similar.

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