To Do List for Today


1.  Continue with "Garage Organization" scheme.

2.  Figure out how to entertain the children, who are bored because I don’t spend every waking moment devising ways to keep them occupied.  

3.  Celebrate the widespread persecution of Christians by the Emperor Decius on this day in 250, as well as the release of Meet the Beatles in 1964. 

4.  Acknowledge that I am one day closer to death. 

5.  Nap.

6.  Watch football game despite total lack of interest in the outcome.  Go Saints! 


5 Responses to “To Do List for Today”

  1. Lizard King Says:

    7. Check tv schedule. games aren’t on until tomorrow.

  2. Mack Says:

    Let me know how you pull off watching the Saint’s game today, since they play tommorrow.

  3. Sarcastro Says:

    Did I fail to mention that my nap is going to last 27 hours?That’s what I get for listening to children telling me what my viewing choices on television are. What am I paying them for? I should call corporate and try to get them fired.This only illustrates how unmotivated I am by the playoffs this year. I marginally like the Saints over the Bears, for reasons having little to do with actual football.As far as the AFC is concerned, I wish there was a way for both of them to lose. A Colts vs. Pats match-up reminds me of the movie "Starship Troopers". Do you root for the Nazis or the aliens?

  4. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    This is one of those "I’m going to post about the fact that I have nothing to post about" posts.I’m calling you OUT!

  5. Sarcastro Says:

    And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddlin’ kids!If it weren’t for the Mothership Crack & Cheese/Rack O’ Ribs Hangover, I might have been a little more motivated to be creative.

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