The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend


The following conversation happened one morning while the possible 2008 Democratic presidential contenders were being discussed:

She:  I don’t know who I’m going to support.
Me:  What d’you mean?
She:  Well, I don’t like Hillary Clinton and I don’t get the whole Obamamamania.
Me:  That makes sense.  You being a Republican and all.
She:  Oh, that’s right.  Never mind.  Don’t you dare blog about this! 

Ooops.  With Oback Barama officially deciding to have a committee to help him Officially Decide how he wants to spend the next two years, it seemed like a good time to let that story leak.  Sorry, honey. 

I’m not a big fan of how the presidential candidates are sort of foisted upon us.  The  P.R. machine that determines that Paris Hilton should be a household name is essentially the same mechanism that picks who is going to be the next President of the United States. 

Sometime back during Reagan’s first term, I got in an argument with my television.  Entertainment Tonight was on and as I was fixated on Mary Hart’s legs, something broke my concentration.  A segment about Julio Iglesias came on.  "Who the fuck is that?" I asked in my insolent teenage manner.

"That’s Julio Iglesias," the television responded with that soothing hypnotic voice*.

"Why am I watching a story about this greasy cheeseball?"  I might have said,  "cheesy greaseball".  It’s hard to recollect exactly.

"Because he’s famous," came the calming reply.

"I’ve never heard of him.  What’s he done?"

"He has a new record out that will be a breakout smash.  He’ll be a household name."

"But, why?  Why is he getting free time on the most watched syndicated entertainment program?  Lot’s of people are releasing good records this year.  Much better records than Senor Suckhole, here.  Why is he on this program?!"

"Because he’s famous, silly."

"He’s not famous!  I’ve never heard of him!  No one in this country has ever heard of him!  They are making a point to talk about how no one has heard of him!  Why is he famous?  Why?"

"Because Entertainment Tonight says he’s famous.  That’s why." 

The lesson that the TV taught me that day pretty much sums up the process for picking presidential candidates.  Howard Dean was a front runner as long as the punditocracy and the power corridor said he was.  Of course, once the votes were tallied in New Hampshire and Iowa, it was a different story. 

Outside the Beltway/Manhattan echo chamber, do any of the candidates have support?  Does anyone, outside of the magazine publisher’s house in the Hamptons, really plan on voting for Hillary Clinton?  Is Obama’s candidacy anything more than an mirage caused by the endorsement of Oprah with some liberal white guilt thrown in for good measure?

Does our country cry out for these people, or are we all just reading the same  articles?  This goes double for the blogs.  We are force-fed these candidates by the powers that be.  We fall into the trap of repeating talking points that though they may conform with our beliefs, don’t originate with us.   We parrot what we are told by people who know better than we do.  Or so we are told.

They are the candidates the people want because our media overlords tell us they are candidates the people want.   They are famous because Entertainment Tonight says they are.

In a related story, Dr. James Dobson has made my choice for President for me.  I was undecided until he came out against McCain.  Hell, I might have thrown my vote away by voting Libertarian again. 

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. 


*For the purposes of this story, the voice of the television sounds exactly like Julia Roberts in Charlotte’s Web.   


10 Responses to “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”

  1. Exador Says:

    Ya know, I never liked McCain, but I just might vote for him this time around, if only to increase the chances that he’ll one day meet with Michelle Malkin and have a flashback. That would be some good Sunday morning TV.*Lighten up people. It’s a joke.

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    I’d like to meet Michelle Malkin and have a flashback to this one hot Filipino chick in college who got real drunk at a party and cornered me in one of the bedrooms and then we…uh, I need to go now.

  3. Exador Says:

    I think both flashbacks would involve the phrase, "Fifty Dollah! SoldierBoy!"

  4. Sarcastro Says:

    Fifty dollar, too beaucoup.Ten for both of us.

  5. Winston Says:

    Obama is gonna have tough time with that name. Needs to change it to something beliveable, like Elvis, or James Dean.Pickup up on you thru NashvilleIsTalking. Got some interesting shi… make that stuff here.

  6. Mack Says:

    Ahem. Howard Dean (and I’m no deaniac) was "foisted" upon us for a very good reason. Early on, he saw the potential of the web, and outraised everyone else, and money equals viability. And you are deluded if you think Hillary isn’t going to garner a gi-normous amount of votes. She’s divisive, to be sure, but smarter than most, and very very well funded. Plus, her "machine is already in place, she’s snapped up the best talent, and never underestimate what Bill can do on the stump. Obama is a nightmare for her, way more than Edwards. He could wind up on her ticket, and wouldn’t that frost you! Anyway, I wanted to agree with the bulk of your post, but a little housekeeping seemed in order. My work is done here.Go Saints!

  7. Sarcastro Says:

    Thanks Winston.Liked your take on the piece in reason magazine as well.

  8. Sarcastro Says:

    And sloppy work it is, Mack.Seeing the potential of the web and outraising everyone else doesn’t translate into votes.Neither is being a polarizing figure. No one is neutral about Hillary Clinton. She’s going to find out that the fickle tastes of the American public are going to seek out someone less sour.

  9. Mack Says:

    I’m completely nuetral about Hillary. In fact, I think many independents will give her a long look. Like I said, she’s smart, and savvy. She hawkish enough to appeal to those that require it, without being too much a war-monger. In fact, I haven’t made up my mind as a voter. I like Edwards a little, Obama a little, Biden a little, but I think his bankrupcy vote will make me get over him fast. Sometime, I’d like to see one of you professional cynics come out early with a favorite, and make a case for your choice. It’s OK to be wrong. I’m a Democrat, I’m used to it. 🙂

  10. Sarcastro Says:

    That’s just it, amigo. As a card carrying stooge for the Democrats, how can you be objective about the Dem candidates chances come 2008?

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