“O” is for Overrated


It may be time to rename the Big Ten. How about the Big Two and a Half?

Prepare now for the onslaught of sniveling, excuse making and backpedaling concerning last night’s BCS blow out. My hand to Jeebus, I swear FOX put the camera on a grown man, decked out in Buckeye gear, sobbing his eyes out like his children’s school bus went off a cliff. Or more probable, he placed a bet with his children’s college money. As well as their food, shelter and clothing money. Expect the State of Ohio to repeal their child labor laws shortly.


Almost all of the so-called experts, sportstalk hosts, prognosticators and oddsmakers put Florida as the underdog. Except for Lee Corso. Give the man credit where it is due. In the kingdom of the blind, he was the one-eyed man.

Down here on street level, most college football fans I spoke with felt that Ohio State’s number-one ranking had always been unearned. A quick check of Ohio State’s schedule of tune-up games against teams like Great Lakes Community College and a handful of other Big Ten Daisies showed a lack of strength in their schedule.

Like Vanderbilt, for instance. As Florida defensive end Jarvis Moss stated after the game, “We played a lot better teams than Ohio State this year. I can name four or five teams in the SEC that would compete real well against them.”

Vandy gave Florida a good game earlier in the season, losing 25-19. The Commodores had 391 yards of total offense against the Florida defense. That’s 310 more yards than the Buckeyes were able to eke out. Do I think that Vandy could beat Ohio St.? Hell, no.

What I would like to see is them swap schedules. Let Ohio St. run the table against Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and South Carolina during the season. Give Vandy a shot at a bowl game by letting them play a schedule loaded with the talents of N. Illinois, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, Minnesota, Northwestern and Michigan State.

That will never happen. The status quo will remain unchanged. The meaningless preseason poll rankings will continue to unduly influence the rest of the season. The BCS bowl system will retain its title as the biggest cock-up in sports.

Ohio State slipped to number 2 in the final rankings. They shouldn’t be any higher than number 5.


2 Responses to ““O” is for Overrated”

  1. Jagosaurus Says:

    "Down here on street level, most college football fans I spoke with felt that Ohio State’s number-one ranking had always been unearned."Amen. My Dad and I were talking about this very thing today. WTF is with these seemingly randomly anointed teams?

  2. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    I almost wrote that exact post at halftime last night. I didn’t though, because I was too drunk to type.

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