Shirley Walker


The other day I picked up the third volume of Superman: The Animated Series.  The boys love these shows.  Other than the Titan’s win today, the thing that got them the most excited was seeing that there were more Superman episodes that they haven’t yet watched.  We are also working our way through the four volumes of Batman:  The Animated Series.   Soon enough, I’ll have to shell out some dough for the Justice League DVD sets as well.  It makes me happy to see the boys appreciate the work of Bruce Timm and company as much as I do.

We popped in a disc and got a couple of Superman episodes in between football games.  The eleven year old has been loudly humming the theme to the Superman show all afternoon.  The Mrs. shot me a look of approval for spending the cash on something that makes the boys so happy.

Shirley Walker composed that score as well as the theme for the Batman animated series and several other notable films.  She is one of the very few female film score composers.  She has been a trailblazer in her field.

Shirley Walker died a few days ago.

Her work lives on with 11 year old boys and their dads. 



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