Every once in a while the planets align favorably. What that has to do with football, I have no idea.

The facts speak for themselves:

**Vince Young showed the nation why he was a first round draft pick, despite his Gump-level score on the Wonderlic test.

**The Colts can’t stop the run. They will not make it to the Super Bowl until they can figure out that little trick.

**Peyton Manning, in the inestimable words of Mrs. Sarcastro, is a whiny titty-baby. He looks like he is going to cry whenever he is prevented from scoring. I wonder whose shoulder he will dry his tears on?


**Bironas will wind up taking the blame sometime in the near future for not nailing another 60-yard field goal. Today’s hero is tomorrow’s goat.

**Keeping Manning off the field is a good way to keep him from throwing touchdowns. Here’s another good way: Send more than three guys to rush him. I guarantee if you knock that whiny titty-baby’s dick in the dirt three good times, he will get so rattled he’d start throwing like Archie Manning. Other than the lack of quarterback sacks and the ability of Lamont Thompson to cover maybe my grandmother, the defense did a superb job. Fisher should get to yank out a dreadlock or cornrow or whatever the fuck that is for every time Lamont let Marvin Harrison or some other random Colt beat him down the field.

**Last night’s Ravenwood-Smyrna High School game was good. This one was better.

Speaking of the High School championship, here’s a few thoughts:

**George Plaster is a jock sniffing moron. His grasp of the obvious is only surpassed by his failure to understand what was going on right in front of him.

**I didn’t know that Larry The Cable Guy’s dad was a high school ref.

**Keep an eye on the Smyrna QB. He’s just a junior. That kid has a future.

**The whole “Let’s have girls as sideline reporters” fad is officially over. I’m with Andy Rooney on this one. Having the dingbat chick from the D.T. McCall ads try to interview the Smyrna coach as he was running off the field was the funniest thing ever.


4 Responses to “BWAHaHaHaHaHa!”

  1. bridgett Says:

    Ah, at last. Something we completely agree on. I do not get the dreads sticking out of the helmet thing — I can only imagine what Jack Ham would have done to your skull if you’d given him a hair-handle. And Manning is…well, there’s no other word that fits (although whiny titty-baby is pretty close)…a pussy. Take him out at the knees until he sees a ring of dancing dollar signs and he’ll give it up like a Catholic girl on prom night.

  2. SistaSmiff Says:

    I hate to see women sports reporters. The only one I can stomach is Cheryl Miller. I’m not saying women can’t know sports. I guess it’s my inner chauvinist coming out.

  3. Sarcastro Says:

    The worst offender is the Steeler’s Troy Polamalu. Opposing teams should make it a point to yank him down by the hair whenever he makes an interception.I have no problem with female sports reporters in general. My issue is with the sideline reporters at football games. Very often, they have nothing of value to offer. At the most they can grab someone running off the field to get a soundbite or can report on an injury. The trend of late is to make that job almost exclusively female and give them something to do in the absence of the two main duties as mentioned. They wind up having to come up with the idiotic "human interest" angle. For no reason at all, the play by play guy will throw it down to the chick on the sidelines for some factoid about a player’s mother who baked cookies for all the neighbor kids so that her son who suffered from polio would have kids come over. Eventually those kids taught her son how to throw a football despite his crippling injuries and now he’s playing in the NFL.Back to you, Al.

  4. CeeElCee Says:

    Bridgett,Check your mail box for a plane ticket and a ticket for the seat next to me for the Titans/Colts next year!Don’t tell RUABelle.

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