Let The Eye-Rolling Commence, Anon


NPR had a tedious feature yesterday about how Shakespeare would be a Hollywood bigshot were he alive today.   In short, every literature dork with a lateral lisp and a daydream about The Bard, got to shoot his What If wad on the radio.

I personally would rather wonder What If Spartacus had a Piper Cub

Nevertheless, here’s some credits from Bill Shakespeare’s Imdb page.

Two and a Half Men from Verona

The Merchant of Baywatch

Hamlet’s Heroes

Romeo & Juliet Go To White Castle

CSI: Denmark

Desperate Housewives of Windsor

A Midsummer’s Night Replacement Series

King Lear of Queens

Macbeth, P.I.


2 Responses to “Let The Eye-Rolling Commence, Anon”

  1. bridgett Says:

    I can say definitively that Marx would have loved most of side three of the White Album.

  2. Les Jones Says:

    Two can play that game.http://www.lesjones.com/posts/003824.shtml

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