Ed Bradley


Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes died today.  He had leukemia.  Ed had quintuple bypass surgery a few years ago.  But, it turned out that leukemia brought him down.

In the 60 Minutes heirarchy, especially back in the heyday, the only one you really worried about coming to your door was Mike Wallace.  If Mike showed up with a camera crew at your house unannounced, you were fucked.  You could plan on going to jail. 

If Morley Safer or Ed showed up, it could go either way.  You had a shot at it maybe being a human interest or puff piece.  Especially if you were black and Ed knocked on your door, it meant you were a celebrity.

Ed had some great interviews over the years.  Classic 60 Minutes moments with Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters, Lena Horne, Aretha Franklin, Timothy McVeigh and so many others.  It is a shame to see him go.

Maybe that’s why Mike Wallace hasn’t died yet.  Both heaven and hell are worried about him showing up with a camera crew. 


One Response to “Ed Bradley”

  1. Jagosaurus Says:

    Very sad news. I really liked and respected him.

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