There’s Got To Be A Morning After…


The election is over.  Can we go back to our lives of apathy, ignorance and celeb-reality now?

Harold Ford Jr. lost.  Barely.  Bob Corker was gracious in victory when he said Ford was a "bright young man…who will no doubt…have a bright future."  Corker then rubbed Ford’s nappy head for luck.

The national media is wringing their hands about the Tennessee Senate race.  "How can we call the voters of Tennessee a bunch of backwards white supremacist shit-kickers without coming right out and saying it?"    They are now blaming the Ford loss on the Bimbo ad, that’s how.

Let me school the D.C.-N.Y. echo chamber on a little something.  No one who was influenced by that ad was going to vote for Ford in the first place.   That gasbag Howard Fineman is falling all over himself as I type this, bemoaning the fact that Obama-Lite isn’t going to be in the Senate. 

Ford’s loss can be squarely placed at the feet of his family.  It wasn’t his stand on the issues.  It wasn’t his swinging bachelor lifestyle.  It wasn’t his Robo-Clinton personal style.  It was the rest of the Corleone family.  A vote for Harold Jr. was a vote for John, Ophelia and Harold Sr.  This was the deal breaker for a large number of moderate voters.

You won’t get that from the national media pundits.  They won’t bring up the foilbles of the Ford family.  Instead, they want to infer that the people of Tennessee are morons.  I will buy the argument that 2/3 of the 21st District are morons, but not the entire state. 

On the one hand, they are trumpeting Junior’s impeccable credentials and wailing that how could someone "like him" could be denied his rightful seat of power.  Well, which is it?  Meritocracy or Aristocracy?  Does Junior deserve to suckle at the milky white public teat because he went to the right schools or because of the Law of Primogeniture?

If it is the former, we haven’t been impressed with the fruits of the Ivy League education since Vietnam, S&L Bailouts, Junk Bonds, the AOL/Time Warner merger and the lack of a winning football tradition.  The best and the brightest told us there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq while their classmates indulged and appeased a Korean midget who actually had them.  So, no thanks.  We aren’t too terribly impressed by your college transcripts, Junior.

If it is the latter, we’ve got bigger problems than the only thing Harvard being good for is Simpsons writers.  Mike Barnicle won’t shut up on my television about how qualified Junior was.  Mike is from Massachusetts.  Those Massholes have been electing Edward M. Kennedy to the U.S. Senate since 1962.  If there was EVAH a case of someone’s whose only qualifications for public office was crooked family connections and an aversion to work, it is the Hero of Chappaquiddick.  Look for Barnicle to publish this post under his own name later this week.

None of that squares with Chris Matthew’s worldview that we are all racist and intolerant morons.  Chris grew up in Philadelphia, possibly the most racist city in America.  Never leaving that deeply segregated Irish Catholic bubble has given him an insight to how the rest of the country works.

Speaking of Pennslyvania, Rick Santorum lost.  Many people hated his guts.  He compared gays to dog fuckers.  I’ve always thought of the gays as being more partial to cats.  Whatever your opinion of Santorum, he gave a concession speech that deserves high praise.  He knew he was doomed and went out like an honorable man.

Joe Lieberman is now the most powerful man in the Senate, if not the country.  The Dems are probably wishing they hadn’t turned their backs on him.  Given the lack of a clear majority, both parties will have to woo Joe in order to get anything passed.  He should caucus with the GOP just to stick it to his weasel buddies who stabbed him in the back.

I can’t wait for the certified election results in the Governor’s race, here in Tennessee.  The television stations refused to show how many write-in votes were tallied for Rex L. Camino.   Next time, Rex.  Fiscal conservatives should vote for Rex next time around.  He spent close to no money and still came about as close as Jim Bryson did to moving into the Governor’s Mansion.

As for me, I wrote my own name in against the unopposed incumbent for the state house seat.  What if no one voted for dude because he was unopposed?  What if my one write-in vote won me the election?  Other than opening the liquor stores on Sunday, what would my platform be?

In other shocking news, the gay marriage ban passed.  I figured it would.  But by an 80% plurality?  Wow.  It wasn’t even close.  I always thought being a small government conservative meant keeping the government out of your business.  Given the average age of folks I saw voting, it really can’t be that surprising.  No more surprising than the same ancient ones voting themselves off the property tax rolls. 

Well played, Granny.



5 Responses to “There’s Got To Be A Morning After…”

  1. Jack Says:


  2. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    But we are all racist and intolerant morons.

  3. Rex L. Camino Says:

    Actually, I sold two campaign T-shirts through cafepress for a total net profit of two bucks and therefore made money, technically speaking. Eat that, Bryson.

  4. Mack Says:

    Actually, Rex, no you didn’t. I bought those, but am returning them for a full refund, plus shipping. Sorry.

  5. SistaSmiff Says:

    Am I the only one who think part of why Bryson lost so bad was cause of those JACKED UP teeth he has??? I mean, come on, Willie…there’s this thing called "Veneers" you should seriously look into.

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