Lifeboat America


If it were up to me, Claudia Nunez would get to stay in this country.  She would be assessed a fine and given Temporary Protected Status, like her husband, until the bureaucracy allowed them to apply for permanent residency.  But it ain’t up to me.

That isn’t to say that I approve of a policy of blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.  I don’t.  Our immigration system is broken.  You don’t wind up with twelve million people here illegally and get to make the claim that we have a sensible immigration policy.

The more time I spend thinking about this issue and the more calls for the deportation of Ms. Nunez I read, I come to the inescapable conclusion that this isn’t really about the rule of law.  It is about little brown invaders who don’t speak the language.   It is about people scared of being overrun by foreign fucks who will bring their third world shithole customs to our civilized City on the Hill.

I’m as bigoted and prejudiced as the next guy with a sheet and a flaming cross.  I don’t believe that hate is taught.  I believe that we all are genetically encoded with a healthy amount of xenophobia.  Thanks to communication and learning about other cultures, both hallmarks of civilization, we are able to overcome that.  Personally, I judge individuals as individuals.  One persons sins or sainthood is not an indicator of the virtues or vices of their race, creed, color or national origin.  Although, the opposite is not true.  Groups are to be treated according to their stereotypes until proven otherwise.  Blacks don’t tip.  Asians can’t drive.  The French can’t fight.  Hillbillies from Kentucky are inbred.  You get the picture.

Given that, even I am appalled that every objection I have read to Claudia remaining in this country reeks of the view that Hispanic immigrants are a subhuman menace.  Again, no one involved in this case has yet to argue that all illegal immigrants, including the various Asians and Eastern Europeans who intentionally over stay their visas should all be given blanket amnesty.  The people involved in this case are asking for a seat in Lifeboat America for Claudia Nunez.

Many of those who have opposition to Claudia staying in this country are convinced that since she broke the law, she must be punished.  No question there.  Is sending her back to the tender mercies of Malva Salvatrucha the proper application of justice in this case?  Overstaying ones visa is a civil infraction, not a criminal one.  Is the argument that sending her to be raped and murdered will send a strong message to the rest of the Hispanic community that we mean business?  Most civil infractions are handled by the application of a fine.  Why not this case.

Other objections go from "How do we know she won’t kill someone behind the wheel?"  to "They are taking our jobs!"  I get that there have been several high profile cases where an immigrant got loaded and killed some innocent people while driving.  But to lay that on the feet of ALL Hispanic immigrants is tantamount to saying that we should lock up all the Jew Lawyers and Black Heisman Trophy winners because they might kill their wives. 

As far as taking away jobs from native-born Americans, which jobs are we talking about?  Claudia Nunez worked in a restaurant in Cool Springs. If you check the want ads today, there are hundreds of restaurants in the Middle Tennessee area with "Help Wanted" signs up.  There is no shortage of restaurant jobs in this town. 

I’m not interested in saving every illegal immigrant from deportation.  But, a decent hard working  person like Claudia Nunez deserves a break.  We can dicker about the larger issues some other time.  Right now, I think Claudia is doomed to go back to El Salvador.  Though even the ICE spokesperson thinks it is a bogus charge, Claudia is guilty of Being Brown during an Election Year.  Like I said in the earlier post, if she were Irish, would we even be having this discussion?

Do what you can.  Visit the Save Claudia website.  Sign the petition.

We have room in the boat for one more. 


3 Responses to “Lifeboat America”

  1. Sean Braisted Says:

    "Blacks don’t tip" – Yeah they do…two bucks. Otherwise, great post.

  2. Mack Says:

    The Asians can’t drive line had me rollin. I lived in Los Angeles when the first waves of Vietnamese landed there post war. I remember lamenting that they could not drive, and bolstered my argument with newspaper clipping after newspaper clipping with stories of one of "them" crashing into one of "us." It actually happened quite frequently, at least for a while. I mean, I hope none of my observations were rooted in some deep seated xenophobia, though, this was immediately after the war, so I could be cut some slack. Anyway, it was a silly thing to say then, and I am sorry I participated in that particular mob mentality. The difference, I think, is that to the best of my knowledge, we didn’t advocate sending them back to their rice paddies. We didn’t make fun of their cultures or customs, we didn’t make them out to be potential criminals, or a health threat. We just wanted them to not drive on the freeways until they learned that it was unwise to stop when attempting a lane change. Eventually, I learned a little Vietnamese, developed a love for their food, and through my Mother’s work at a local college, got to meet Dith Pran. ( I know he was Cambodian, thank you). Sorry to rant, but if we made some effort to reach out to our new immigrants, regardless of their status, we would all be richer for it. Nice post, Sarcastro.

  3. john h Says:

    bravo. As always, I bow to your ability to get to the point in a skewed, humorous manner that avoids hugs and sermons.PS. See Borat…speaking of prejudices. damn funny movie.

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