Get Your Finger Out of It


Many of you try to ignore the music business like The Scene tries to ignore bloggers.  Truth be told, you have plenty of good reasons to simultaneously ignore and wish it would go away like when Grandma stinks up the downstairs bathroom.  There’s a new book coming out that chronicles the birth of Nashville’s best known export.  A Shot In The Dark:  Making Records in Nashville 1945-1955 describes how some local small bidnessmen got the bright idea of recording the gospel, R&B and Country acts that were part of the vibrant local music scene of the period.  Included with the book is a CD with twenty representative songs from the period.

It will run you $65 if you get it from Vanderbilt University Press, or you can get it from Amazon for about $25 less.  There is a related box set from a couple of years back that retails for around $250.  This book is a far better deal.

Co-produced by the Country Music Hall of Fame, the book not only makes the birth of Music City come alive, but also provides an in-depth discography for the Steve Buscemian 78 archivists out there.

The companion CD makes it a must-buy.  The music is fantastic.  Hat’s off to whoever selected these cuts. My personal favorite is by Randy Hughes, the King of the Rude Country Song.  His song, Birthday Cake, has been taught to my step-sons, much to the chagrin of Mrs. Sarcastro.  

 With Christmas coming up, this Shot in the Dark will make a great gift for the history or music buff  on your list.


6 Responses to “Get Your Finger Out of It”

  1. john h Says: read that entire book already???it’s definitely going on my xmas wish list.

  2. Katherine Coble Says:

    Didn’t someone you know like edit that book or something?

  3. Aunt B. Says:

    I bet the editor of the book is really cute. It just seems like the kind of book that would have a cute editor.

  4. Mack Says:

    I could tell that the editor had a very strategically placed freckle….

  5. W Says:

    Too bad the editor isn’t cute enough to get us a discount.

  6. Aunt B. Says:

    Hey, Sarcastro told you that you can get it at Amazon at a 37% discount. That’s pretty dang close to the discount the editor gets, or so I hear.Don’t think of it as spending $40 on a book. Think of it as spending $15 on a CD and $25 on a book.

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