Now For Something Completely Different…


In the spirit of the last couple of minutes* of CBS News Sunday Morning, here are some flowers. Morning Glories, I think.

Next week, I get to pull them all up.




* That’s the part where they spend valuable network airtime showing a brook trout spawning in a river in Colorado or a herd of elk tromping through the woods in Minnesota. For some reason, that couple of minutes of letting nature without commentary come through the idiot box works better than Prozac when it comes to soothing the furrowed brow of the typical Angry American.


4 Responses to “Now For Something Completely Different…”

  1. saraclark Says:

    You won’t have to pull these up. They’re annuals and today’s frost probably killed them anyways. Although chances are they’ve already re-seeded for next year like a bitch.

  2. SistaSmiff Says:

    I love Morning Glories. I usually have some out at my mailbox and along my back fence, but, I was too busy blogging this spring to fool with them.

  3. bridgett Says:

    Yeah, good luck with those viney bitches. They have their little hooks into the soil already, plotting away next year’s attack on your deck, fence, and mailbox.

  4. Sarcastro Says:

    I actually kind of enjoy their kudzu like attack on my mailbox and front porch every year. The flowers are pretty and viney bastards cover up my failures in landscaping.Honestly, I think the Morning Glories may be the only plant that I have ever had that lives. As I intentionally pull up the dead vines every year and they still come back to bloom again the next fall, I consider that a resounding success.

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