Family Fun!


The funniest things overheard in the greater Mount Sarcastro area this weekend:

"I’m not flipping off all of you, just 3/4 of you."  Mother Sarcastro.

"At least FOX News tells both sides of the story." Father Sarcastro.

This exchange between Stuart and a shifty character at the Git-R-Done Golf Club,

"Where do I know you from?"

"Ever been to prison?"

"Yeah, three times.

And this monologue at the sports bar, performed by a local goober concerning armed and dangerous fugitive James Sluder

"Know him?  Hell, he’s my next-door neighbor!  You know who the father of his kid is?  Well, it ain’t me and it ain’t him.  That’s about all we do know.  Everyone else is still a damn suspect.   Shit, they ain’t never gonna catch him.  It’ll be like that Rudolph deal.   Hunh.  You girls are Auburn fans?  They look mighty sorry today, if you ask me.  Y’all mind if I sit down?"

The girls rebuffed his pick-up attempt and James Sluder was captured 24 hours later. 



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