Don’t Weep For Buck


Buck O’Neil died the other day. He was a class act and a true gentleman. He was 94.


Upon hearing that he came up one vote short for entrance to the Baseball Hall of Fame earlier this year, Buck said,

God’s been good to me. They didn’t think Buck was good enough to be in the Hall of Fame. That’s the way they thought about it and that’s the way it is, so we’re going to live with that. Now, if I’m a Hall of Famer for you, that’s all right with me. Just keep loving old Buck. Don’t weep for Buck. No, man, be happy, be thankful.”

He came up in the Negro Leagues. His talents weren’t recognized until late in life. He was the first black coach in the Major Leagues. He was the oldest man ever to play in a pro baseball game. He was not only an ambassador for his sport, but more importantly, a damn good man.

One day Barry Bonds will be in the Hall. Buck never will. When that day comes, ask yourselves, “What are they celebrating?”


3 Responses to “Don’t Weep For Buck”

  1. Kate O' Says:

    Wow. Great post, great point. I didn’t know about Buck, and I don’t particularly follow baseball, but now I definitely want him in the Hall of Fame.

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    Kate, Buck was featured in the Ken Burns "Baseball" documentary in the installment that focused on the Negro Leauges. You can probably score a copy at the library. Check it out.

  3. Jagosaurus Says:

    I second the suggestion to watch the baseball documentary, if for no other reason than that it is damn good. And I salute you, Sarcastro, for this post.

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