Fall Trip


We’re back from the family camping trip. Here is the obligatory picture of Fall Creek Falls.


Look for more details about the trip at When’s The Fun Part, when I get around to posting it.

Here’s another obligatory photo of the kids at the bottom of the falls.


As is custom among my people, when returning from a trip, one is required to bring back gifts.

Here is one for Aunt B.

And a special present for Kitty Coble.

The rest of you get nothing.

The in-depth examination of the camping trip can now be seen in glorious Technicolor over at When’s The Fun Part.


5 Responses to “Fall Trip”

  1. Chris Wage Says:

    Fall Creek Falls seems to be a popular destination this summer..

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    This is our second trip this year.

  3. Mack Says:

    Hey, I’m looking for a destination for Fall break, would love to take the kiddies hiking. Is this manageable for an 8yr old boy, and 10 yr old girl? Tell me more, please…

  4. Sarcastro Says:

    Mack,It is a perfect hike for kids that age. Mine are 8 and 11. They pretty much loved it.

  5. Katherine Coble Says:

    I didn’t thank you for my gift properly. But thank you. Again.Although B’s gift kinda creeps me out.

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