Vacation Slide Show!


I didn’t bring the appropriate geegaws and thingamajigs with me to Vegas in order to post the photos which accompanied the narrative. Unlike the Pope, I’m not sorry. Though violence and the threat of violence may be endemic to at least one of the major world religions, neither violence nor religious edicts will compel these pictures to ever see the light of day.

Ok, that’s a lie. Here are the pics:


Much like the ancient capitals of Europe, the gods of antiquity are celebrated in statue form.

Why the artist chose to sculpt a likeness of this King out of hot fudge can only be speculated.


Despite the resumption of daily nuclear weapons testing, life in Las Vegas was largely unaffected.

Fortunately, the winds blew much of this fallout away from the tourist areas and towards the low-income neighborhoods and Indian reservations.


Acclaimed performer Barry Manilow (actual size) at the opening of his gift shop.

When not selling trinkets with his name or face plastered on every available space, Mr. Manilow headlines an allegedly incredible show at the Las Vegas Hilton.

In his spare time, Mr. Manilow enjoys undergoing plastic surgery and being the punchline in jokes about a 6 inch pianist.


The Promised Land, as viewed from my room.

Who says the Israelis are the only ones who can make the desert bloom?

Everyone knows that modern Vegas was created by Bugsy McSiegel and Moira Lansky, both were fine sons of Auld Sod.


Unidentified woman giving me the textbook definition of “the stink-eye”.

Either that, or she was flirting. I can’t really tell anymore.



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