Invasion of the “C” Passenger


One last bit about the Vegas Vacation. The flight home was marred by this Air Force guy who sat with us. Evidently, he and I were best friends in high school or something. This guy wouldn’t stop talking about himself, the classified nature of his work, the amount of travel he does annually, etc.

It reminded me of this clip:


3 Responses to “Invasion of the “C” Passenger”

  1. Tutularue Says:

    Too funny. That’s why we always travel with a fat book and earphones. Knowing Mrs S., she was probably much nicer to the guy than you were.

  2. Sarcastro Says:

    She ignored him and prayed for him to go to sleep.

  3. SistaSmiff Says:

    Mr. Smiff comes in contact with this type on a regular basis. He lovingly refers to them as "bugs." This might be why he’s such a hermit.

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