An Early Veteran’s Day Post


A lot of guys I went to college with, plus those who have attended our alma mater since, have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I am very thankful for the sake of the others that this is the only one of these type emails I have received so far.  Although, I don’t remember meeting either the husband or the wife at the last alumni deal I went to (there was booze involved), we certainly have friends  in common.  

On Saturday the 19th, Jae was in a convoy that was ambushed and hit by an IED. There were 5 people in his humvee, two were killed instantly, one died 5 hours later, and one was thrown from the vehicle and sustained serious burns. Jae is burned on a little more than 35% of his body (which is actually a smaller amount than they had originally thought) Most of the burns are 3rd degree burns, and the worst part of his injuries were on his left arm. The remainder of the burns are on the back of legs and back around to his chest. He inhaled some of it, so he does have burns in his esophagus. Fortunately, his lungs are in good condition along with all of his other internal organs, and eyes. He will have a great deal of recovery to go through, skin grafts, physical therapy, etc. He is in Germany right now, and both of his parents are with him. He is being transported to Brooks Army Medical Center in the morning, which is considered to be the premiere burn center in the world. So, we know he will be in the best hands.

Merritt, who is stationed in Germany went to visit him, so I am very thankful there are people around him. He is sedated for the pain, and has been intubated because of the burns, but hopefully they will remove that when he gets to Texas. His mom says he has responded a little by moving his fingers and toes, but will probably, and hopefully not remember anything up until this point. He has a very long road to recovery ahead of him, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We will be in San Antonio for quite a while (6-8 months).

I, on the other hand, am just trying to get this little baby out, so that we can get to San Antonio as soon as humanly possible. They tried to induce me twice Saturday night and Sunday night, with no success. I am probably going to go back in for another induction on Thursday, so we will see. I am hoping to not have to have a c-section, seeing that that would put me a couple more weeks out on getting to San Antonio. I probably will not have my cell phone on me the next few days, so if you need to contact me please email me. I am going to try and rest and relax as much as possible in order to have this baby.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, and I promise, I will keep you posted through email or through someone as to Jae’s progress and the baby’s arrival. Also, please pray for the families of the other soldiers involved.


See how the story continues here and especially here.


2 Responses to “An Early Veteran’s Day Post”

  1. bridgett Says:

    One of my college classmates, Hal Reichle, died in the first go-round in Iraq and a cousin came back with Gulf War Syndrome. Whatever it is, it sure fucks people up. A number of my former students now are currently deployed, including my very favorite student ever. Not a lot of opportunity to swing dance in Baghdad, I’m guessing, but I’m hoping his fancy footwork saves his life some day. I’ve also got cousins in the private contracting/mercenary biz. One of them had a near miss (barracks shelled, but he was out when it happened), but no casualties yet.Here’s a good first-person blog about the general boredom (interspersed with hair-raising shit) of doing civilian contracting work in Iraq. Barry’s helping to set up the Iraqi police force. You might like it.

  2. Barry Says:

    Hey, I found a link to me here on this blog. Thanks Bridgett, I don’t know who you are, but I found the linkl to Jae so I could give him a get well, and best wishes and such.My best wishes, prayers to the other families involved too.

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