Barry’s Cherries


Todd A put a copy of Barry’s Cherries on my front porch, rang the door bell and ran off.

I’m a fan of Todd’s stuff. He doesn’t fall into the trap (thus far) of turning his protaganists into his alter-ego. Unless, of course, his alter-ego is a fifty-something, portly, balding, straight-to-video film director.

In lieu of a plot synopsis, possible spoilers and heavy-handed literary criticism, I’m just going to arbitrarily name-check the cultural references from the book.

The Facts of Life
Soft-core Porn
The Ramones
Unfunny Comedians
Shania Twain
Kristin Priesol
Abby Titmouse
Celebrity sex tapes
Top Gun
All The Rage
Sara Evans and her amazing Breasts
Dick Trickle
Scott Baio
Yvonne Craig
A Grease homage
And of course, Tom Waits…
…With just a whiff of Boogie Nights.

Get yourself a copy.   The price is reasonable and you will enjoy it.  I did.

Gabba Gabba Hey. 


One Response to “Barry’s Cherries”

  1. john h Says:

    Just seeing the name Dick Trickle causes me to lapse back into 5th grade mentality aka Beevis/Butthead. Based on your fine list of references, I certainly want to read this book.I hope you and your back are doing much better. The binary-log world certainly is an emptier more-defective place without your bite.

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